Refer a Neighbor

Have you participated in our produce baskets? If yes, then you most likely have neighbors who would benefit from our produce basket deals as well. We would love to have you refer those neighbors to us. In fact, we are so grateful for your referrals that we will give your neighbors a 25% off coupon and when they use it we will give you a 50% off coupon.

How It Works

Think of all your neighbors, friends, and family that eat produce…it should be everyone.

Our produce baskets are perfect for all your neighbors, friends and family that live in Peachtree City.


1. Because we all need to eat fresh produce on a daily basis.
2. Who wouldn’t like to spend less money on the produce they already eat?
3. Spending less time traveling to and from the grocery store saves money and time!
4. Our produce baskets cut down on plastic bags going to the landfill.
5. We deliver for free.

Fill out the refer a neighbor form on the right side of this page.

After you fill out the refer a neighbor form we will put together a produce gift back as a gift from you to them along with a coupon for 25% off their first produce basket deal. We will deliver the gift bag to your neighbor as a gift from you “their friendly neighbor.” Our “free” produce gift bags are a perfect way to be a good neighbor and help your neighbors save money on produce.

Your Neighbor Participates in Their First Produce Basket Deal

After your neighbor receives their gift bag from you and their 25% off coupon they will definitely participate in one of our deals. At this point you have helped them save money and eat healthy fresh produce.

We Say Thank You By Giving You a 50% Off Coupon!

After your neighbor uses their 25% off coupon we will send you a 50% off coupon for your next produce basket deal.

Refer Your Neighbor
Thank you so much for referring your neighbor to our Peachtree City Produce Baskets.

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