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Peachtree City, GA

Small Dog

Peachtree City, GA | Date Posted: August 18, 2014
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Must rehome one of our dogs. She is a great dog, but she barks. I have the whole neighborhood of children coming to our house every day all day long and it is driving me crazy. I think it is the pitch of the bark. My neighbor, who watched her for two weeks while we were away on holiday and who has no children, and no one who comes to her house on a regular basis said she was amazing! I was told by the lady that I adopted her from that she was a barker. But she had a very busy house just like me! I just didn't understand. We adopted her over two years ago, but now I am in college and about to homeschool all four of our kids. She would do best in a house that is not as busy as ours.

Her name is Lolly and even if she looks like a puppy, she is full grown! She is about 6 lbs. I have her shaved down for the summer, but she does get furry. She looks more like a maltese when her hair is grown in.

She does well with kids and other dogs and cats. I just had her rabies done (3 years certificate) and I have heartworm prevention for the next year. She has been treated this month with flea & tick stuff. Has collar and leash, bed, and bowl. She loves walks. Also, she is a lap dog (this is what I will miss most!), loves attention, and is house trained. She does not "talk" to you, so you have to let her out every 4-6 hours. She can hold it a max of 6 hours. Any other questions, text me. $100.00 Rehoming fee. Call or text only.
No emails. 404-867-3269

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