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The appliances in your home can often be taken for granted. They allow us to get household jobs done quicker so we can enjoy our time in some other way. Once an appliance breaks, however, you realize how important it actually is to the functionality of your home. When a dishwasher breaks and you find yourself hand washing dishes, you’ll be wondering who the best appliance repair guy is and how you can get him to fix your dishwasher. If any HVAC appliances have broken and you need air conditioner repair, we suggest you call Ferguson Heating and Air to take care of your HVAC repairs.

Refrigerator, Washing Machine, and Dishwasher Repairs

refrigerator repairsRefrigerator Repairs
Three of the most common problems that people encounter with their fridge include broken ice makers, water leaking onto the floor, and cooling failure. If you have one of these three problems, or something else wrong with your refrigerator, we invite you to call a local appliance repair company in Peachtree City.

Damaged Washing Machine
Broken down washing machines are extremely inconvenient. Until you can get your washing machine repaired, you may findwashing machine repairs yourself wearing some very mismatched outfits. In order to save your pride and wardrobe, don’t delay calling an appliance repair company as soon as your washer breaks.

Here are some problems you may encounter with your washing machine. The machine not finishing the cycle, Leaking water during the cycle, not draining used water, not agitating or spinning, and/or not turning on when the power button is pressed. A professional appliance repair companycan resolve all of these problems with your clothes washer, so call one today!

dishwasher repairsDysfunctional Dishwasher
Though it is not the end of the world to wash dishes by hand (and it can be humbling for your kids) a functional dishwasher makes home life run much more smoothly. That is why we encourage you to call for appliance dishwasher repairs when you need them.

Common problems you may face with your dishwasher include dishes coming out dirty, leaking water, and/or the dishwasher not turning on. If the dishes are not coming out clean, be sure that you are not overloading the dishwasher and that you are loading it correctly. This is one simple fix that may help your dishwasher begin running well again.

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