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Call Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning for Your HVAC Needs!

Call Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning for Your HVAC Needs!

HVAC Peachtree CityWe would love to speak with you over the phone and in person about your HVAC needs. So you know, our family owned company has been in business since 1946. Our company only offers quality products and services because we are built on the principle of doing things right so they last. Call our office today to get quality HVAC services in Peachtree City.

Basic HVAC Information

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Almost every home in Peachtree City has some sort of HVAC system. If you are looking to have an HVAC system installed, or need your heating or AC repaired in Peachtree City, call Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC Peachtree City Company. Ferguson Heating and Air is a fourth generation business that specializes in the process of selling, designing, installing, and repairing air conditioning and heating building comfort systems.

Heating and Air Conditioning in Georgia

In some areas worldwide, people can get away with not using their heating or air conditioning systems. For example, people who live up north rarely need to turn on their air conditioners, and people who live near the equator rarely use heating systems for their home. Here in Peachtree City, however, we experience extremely hot and humid conditions in the summertime and pretty cold conditions in the wintertime. Not many people can get away with not using their heaters or air conditioners throughout the year.

HVAC Repairs

When an HVAC system breaks, there are some common causes that are most likely the need for repairs.

Freon Leaks are one of the most common causes for broken AC units. Freon is a compound that is used as refrigerant. It usually lasts indefinitely in the air conditioner, however, when there is a leak, it needs to be repaired and the freon needs to be replaced.

Broken Capacitor. Another cause for a broken AC unit is a broken capacitor. The capacitor is used to help the motors of the unit run at a constant speed. Capacitors are vital to AC units starting and continuing to run. If capacitors burn out, they need to be replaced in order for the HVAC to work properly.

Thermostat. If the thermostat connected to your AC unit is broken, you will need to have it repaired. Broken thermostats can cause the entire system to malfunction. Before you conclude that your AC unit is broken, consider the fact that it could be your thermostat.

This is just a small list of the many things that could be wrong with your HVAC system. If you have any questions for an expert, call Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning today! They are experts in the area and will be able to counsel you regarding your HVAC system.

I've call them twice because off the reviews. Each time they walked me thru step to try before seeking out a tech. Saving $$, but still offered to send a tech the same day of I wanted one. Call Susan, she's customer friendly.

Isaac L Whitworth Sr. | June 30, 2014

Air Conditioning Replacement Peachtree City

AC Replacement Peachtree City Alan at Ferguson Heating and Air can provide you with quality AC services in Peachtree City! If you need your air conditioning unit replaced, give Alan a call at (678) 552-4964

Thermostat Repair Peachtree City

thermostat repairs in PTC GA Alan Ferguson, the owner of Ferguson Heating and Air can service any hvac need you may have including thermostat repairs! Check out this article to learn about thermostats, then give him a call!

HVAC Repair Peachtree City

Repairing your own HVAC system by yourself can be extremely difficult and ineffective. Get professional HVAC repairs from Ferguson Heating and Air, the best HVAC service company in Peachtree City.

Heating and Cooling Peachtree City

Troubleshooting your heating and air cooling system in Peachtree City can help you understand what is wrong with your HVAC system. If you need a tune-up or repair for your heating or cooling system, call Ferguson Heating and Air today!

Furnaces Peachtree City

When it comes time to turn your furnace on, be sure that you're doing it right! High energy efficient furnaces make all the difference in the winter months. Call Ferguson Heating and Air for more information regarding your furnace.