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I am pretty new to Peachtree City and I first went online to look for someone to make me a copy of a key. I had a hard time finding someone local that I could trust until I was referred to David from AA Royal…

Robert Kinghorn | August 15, 2014

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Locksmith Fayetteville

fayetteville locksmith In you search for an electrician, we hope you consider calling David Stamper with AA Royal Locksmiths. He can provide you with the best locksmith services in Fayetteville, so give him a call!

Locksmith Sharpsburg

sharpsburg locksmith AA Royal is the local locksmith you need! Check out what they can do for you, then give them a call. They're located in Newnan, but service everyone from Peachtree City to Fayetteville and Sharpsburg.

Locksmith Newnan, GA

newnan locksmith AA Royal Locksmiths is located in Newnan, GA and they service areas in and around Newnan and Peachtree City! If you need a locksmith, be sure to give them a call.

Locksmith Fayette County

locksmith fayette county The best local locksmith company in Fayette County is AA Royal locksmiths! Give them a call and they will help you with any locksmith needs you may have.

Car Key Replacement Peachtree City

car key replacement peachtree city Call David for a car key replacement in Peachtree City! He is the owner of AA Royal Locksmiths in PTC, and he provides quality, friendly service to his clients.

key cutting peachtree city
Hey guys! I’m David Stamper, the owner of AA Royal Locksmiths. We do a lot of key cutting in Peachtree City, so bring us your keys! Not only do we offer key cutting, but also other locksmith services. If you need a key fob replaced, call me! We also work with transponder keys in PTC, so give me a call today!

Car Key Cutting in PTC, 30269

There are many different reasons why you might be getting a car key cut. Perhaps you’re getting a few spares cut so you never have to worry about locking your only set of keys in the car. Maybe your young driver is just starting to use your car and you want to get them their own set of keys. What ever the reason, AA Royal Locksmiths can cut the car keys for you!

Key Cutting Services: Accurate and Precise

Some people worry that the copied key they get will not work as well as the original. This is only a valid concern if they go to a key copying place with a low quality key cutting machine. Going to a less experienced key cutting place can cause the keys to be problematic in unlocking the lock, so take your keys to the professional in Peachtree City! AA Royal can cut your keys accurately, precisely, and quickly! You can trust AA Royal Locksmiths to make an exact copy of your keys.

How are Keys Cut?

The process of cutting keys is quite simple. There is a machine that does it, it simply requires an operator. The machine has a grinder that shapes the blank key to be an exact copy of the original. The original key is clamped in one side and the original is clamped on the other.

As the original key is traced, the blank one is grinded by the blade. The original key is far from the blade so it will never be damaged. It is best to get this done by a locksmith because locksmiths generally keep their equipment and key cutting machines in better shape than hardware stores.