Oriental Rug Cleaning Peachtree City

Let Golden Glove clean your oriental carpets in Peachtree City!

What is an Oriental Rug?

Oriental rugs are rugs that are hand knotted in Asia. Countries such as Iran, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Nepal, Tibet, and Pakistan are huge exporters of these rugs as well. Oriental rugs have beautiful patterns and colors, so many people use them to be a focal point in different rooms of their home. I grew up with two oriental rugs in my house. We had hardwood floors so my mom got large oriental rugs to fill the space and make the room more cozy.

If you have an oriental rug that needs to be cleaned, call Golden Glove today! Then can do whole carpet cleaning or stain removal.

Should I Beat My Oriental Rug?

Beating rugs is a good way to get them clean, but you do not need to hang it over a limb and beat it with a bat to get the dirt and dust out. There is a better way to "beat your rug", but first you need to determine if it needs to be beat. Take a corner of the rug and fold it over a piece of paper, then tap vigorously. If you see grit or dirt fall onto the newspaper, your rug probably needs to be beat!

In order to "beat" your carpet, take it outside into a dry, flat area (such as a deck or driveway) and lay it upside down so the bottom of the rug is facing up. Next, take your vacuum and use the power nozzel to vibrate the back. Once you've done that to the whole carpet, flip it over and vacuum the right side, then repeat! Do this until no more dirt falls out of the carpet.

How Often Do Oriental Rugs Need to Be Cleaned?

In order to keep it's life, oriental rugs need to be cleaned regularly. If you have pets, you should get your rug cleaned every couple of months. Homes without pets should have their oriental rugs professionally cleaned at least twice a year! Golden Glove can provide you with carpet cleaning services in Peachtree City!

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