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The experts at Golden Glove can get your carpets back to their "good as new" state. If you have tough stains on your carpet or just accumulated dirt and dander, you should call Golden Glove for carpet cleaning! You'll be amazed at what your carpet could look like if it was steam cleaned. It is easy to overlook the necessity of clean carpets, so don't fall into the rut of carelessness. Golden Glove also offers carpet protection.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Clean carpets can not only make your home look better, but can also improve the health of your family! Dust, pet fur, hair, and dander are all allergens that can get accumulate in the carpet of a home. These conditions can make someone with sensitive allergies react with unwanted symptoms. Keep your home clean and clear of harmful allergens by having your carpet professionally steam cleaned!

Golden Glove's Carpet Cleaning Methods

Hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, is the main method by which most professional companies clean their carpets. In this process, a machine sprays a detergent and water mixture onto the carpet then immediately extracts it with a vacuum. This processes is very effective in removing dirt and grime. This method works well but the operator must be careful. It can be easy to soak the carpet without vacuuming the majority of the moisture up. If this happens, it takes a while for the carpet to dry, therefore allowing mold and mildew to grow. The professionals at Golden Glove have the experience and knowledge to leave your carpet looking better than ever after a hot water extraction session.

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