Stump Grinding Peachtree City

Sick of Stumps? Grind Them Out!

Peachtree City Tree Service

If you have removed your trees and need a tree stump grinder in Peachtree City, call a local tree service company! The professionalism of the local tree removal company will impress you enough that you will be referring them to your family and friends! Also, call a local landscaper in Peachtree City if you're looking to update your yard.

Tree Stump Removal: What to do With the Remnants?

Once a stump is removed and ground out, you will find yourself with remnants from the ground out stump. There are many different things you can do with the wood chips that are left from the stump grinder. Check out this list of what to do with the stump grinder remnants:

Dispose of Them: The Tree service company you hire should be willing to haul away the wood chips from the grinder. If you want them disposed of, you can simply send them with the tree service company.

Plant on Them: Once you are left with a large hole, It would be wise to fill in the hole mostly with soil. With the hole filled in, you can spread the wood chips over the top and around the hole then use them as a planting bed.

Spread Them: If you have enough stumps removed, you will have enough wood chips to spread over a large area. If you have a kids playground or place for your pets in your yard, you could use the wood chips to cover the ground. Wood chips are ideal for areas that get a lot of wear because they do not wear down as fast as grass or dirt.

Burn Them: Keep the wood chips beside a firepit or store them to use inside in your fireplace! Wood chips that come from your own trees are great for burning because they have not been chemically treated and you don’t have to worry about them releasing chemicals into the air you breathe.

Compost Pile: You can use wood chips in your compost pile! You may not want to dump your whole load of wood chips into the pile, but using wood chips will increase the concentration and amount of cellulose fibers in the mix. You can use your compost pile if you decide to plant a garden or even more trees!

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