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Golden Glove Cleans Tile and Grout

Many people overlook the nasty grout lines they have in their home. Over time, the tile and grout get dirty and their porous surfaces collect grime. It is easy to mop the tile clean, but the grout just seems to get darker and darker (AKA dirtier and dirtier). Some homeowners clean their grout themselves, but that is such a daunting task. Cleaning grout yourself consists of hours of scrubbing and lots of bleach. Save yourself the time on your hands and knees by getting your tile and grout professionally cleaned!

How Often Should You Clean Your Tile and Grout?

Tile is similar to carpet in that the amount it needs to be cleaned is largely dependent on the amount of traffic it sees. For example, the tile and grout in the kitchen needs to be cleaned much more often than the floors in a guest bathroom that nobody ever uses.

We encourage you to think about the grout and tile in your home! When was the last time it was cleaned? If you (like most people) can't remember, then it is probably time to call Golden Glove Clean. They provide quality stain removal for carpets and tile floors alike!

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