Upholstery Cleaning Peachtree City

High Quality Upholstery Cleaning in Peachtree City

Have Your Peachtree City Upholstery Cleaned!

Golden Glove not only provides carpet cleaning and tile cleaning, but also upholstery cleaning! If you need your upholstery cleaned in PTC, call Golden Glove today! They care for many different types of fabric so you can trust them with even the finest furniture. We bring life back into the furniture we clean.

If you've never had your furniture professionally cleaned, it is probably time to get it done. Dust, hair, dander, pet fur, and dirt all get into the fibers of upholstery and only Golden Glove's professional cleaning services can get them out.

Upholstery Protector

We have a fabric protector which we offer for our clients when we clean their upholstery. The fabric protectant protects furniture from spills, stains, oils, dirt, and hair. The protection is an invisible layer which does not change the look or feel of the fabric it is used on. When you call Golden Glove Clean, ask them about the upholstery protectant they offer.

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