Water Damage Restoration Peachtree City

#1 Water Damage Restoration Services

Where Does Water Damage Come From?

Water damage in the home can be very frustrating. When there is an excess of water or moisture, structures are damaged and surfaces get moldy and smelly. Golden Glove Clean is not only a carpet cleaning company, but they also restore damage from water and moisture! Water Damage can come from many different sources. If a pipe bursts, water can flood a room (typically the basement).

Water damage can also come from a malfunctional crawl space or a leaky roof. Water heaters, dish washers, and washing machines all hold a lot of water, so if these leak or break, water damage can happen to your home.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Golden Glove not only restores water damage, but they prevent future growth of mold and mildew after the restoration process is complete. They do this by using anti microbial treatments which prevent mold from growing after water damage happens. Here is a list of the services we provide (in order) when we tackle a water damaged home.

  • Dry the Structure
  • Salvage all personal property that was damaged
  • Dry the specialty areas such as hard wood, crawl (confined) spaces, concrete
  • Anti microbial treatments which prevent mold growth
  • Remove the sewage with extraction and pumping
  • Other services such as temporary electric setup and others

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