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About Us
The People Behind PTCPeople.com!

PTCPeople.com is a local community website designed to make living in Peachtree City even better. The website itself is continually growing with new informational content about the city itself and what is happening in the city.

Are you looking for things to do, interesting news, and the best businesses in Peachtree City? We do News, Events, & Inbound Marketing for businesses!

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What We Do

PTCPeople.com started in February of 2014 as a way to connect local businesses and residents to each other.

– We have 27,000 monthly unique visitors

– Our news get up to 14,700 hits in 1 week

– Our featured articles get up to 1,050 hits with an total avg of 862 Facebook likes.

– The best part? We have ZERO ads!

Looking for things to doWays to volunteer? Non-profits that could use your help? News? It’s all here.

Want to publish on our platform? Non-profits and churches can publish for free. Contact us and we’ll show you how!

Local business owner? Want to be on the top of Google and get a guaranteed measure on your ROI?

Our current recommended business members include:

AA Royal Locksmiths, Clay Van Meter State Farm, Dalton West Flooring, E.M. Blue Roofing, Ferguson Heating & Air, Fitzgerald & Sons Plumbing, John’s Pest Control, & Powerworks Electric

We don’t do ads. We only do Inbound Marketing: word-of-mouth marketing, online. E.g. Someone searches “Pest control Peachtree City” on Google. We want that person to find the best local pest control company. We handpick each of our clients so we can introduce those that are actively searching to them.



Garret Merkley

Hi, my name is Garret. I have now lived in Peachtree City for almost 4 years and I love living here. My wife grew up in Peachtree City and with a little nudge we made the long trek from Utah to Georgia.

I developed PTCPeople.com to become a community platform that would make living in Peachtree City even better for new comers and for people that have lived here for a long time. We are continually working hard at sharing and creating useful local content.

My duties for PTCPeople.com are truly too long to list here. To sum them up I guess I would say that I am the web guy, the internet marketing guru, the produce delivery man, and a whole lot more.

Email: produce@ptcpeople.com
Contact #: (678) 723-3880

Robert Kinghorn

I’m Robert Kinghorn, and I’ve been in the SEO/marketing industry for the past 3 years. I love Peachtree City; from the BMX track to the tennis courts, I’m a happy camper.

PTCpeople.com has given me the opportunity to help business owners and residents in Peachtree City connect: We find the best businesses, things to do, and news and get the word out! My goal is to help business owners in Peachtree City succeed, and residents connect to what they love and need.

Our company eWebify uses PTCpeople.com to give the best experience to local residents and business owners.

Email: robert@ptcpeople.com
Contact #: (801) 669-1922


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2 Responses to About Us

  1. dinghl on March 16, 2015 at 10:19 pm


  2. Glenn on February 16, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    I am on the Word of God Service Committee and was Googling Word of God Lutheran Church (Peachtree City) and the below site http://ptcpeople.wpengine.com/churches/word-of-god-lutheran-church came up. The information on this site is no longer accurate. How do I get this updated to reflect current information about our church.


    Glenn Gilbert