Do Bed Bugs Live in Your Peachtree City Carpet?

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Author: Laurel Clarke
Date Published: April 18, 2014

Yes! Bed Bugs Live in Carpets and Couches Too!

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There are many misconceptions that people believe about bed bugs. If you are not careful, you could have bed bugs living in your home. Read this article to learn about common misconceptions that people have about bed bugs and what you should do if you find out your home has bed bugs. It is true that carpets are common places for bed bugs to be found. If your carpet has bed bugs, you may consider getting your flooring replaced by a local flooring company such as Dalton West Flooring.

Get the Facts about Bed Bugs

  • Though their name suggest that bed bugs only live in mattresses, that is not true. Bed bugs commonly infest mattresses because that is where they can feed off of the human, however bed bugs are often found in carpets as well! Getting bed bugs out of carpets, couches and mattresses can be difficult. Once a pest control company erradicates the bed bugs, it is wise to have the affected areas professionally cleaned. Golden Glove is a company in Peachtree City which can provide cleaning services to rid your home of traces of bed bugs.
  • Many people think that only poor and dirty homes are infested by bed bugs. This, however is not the case. Even the nicest homes in Peachtree City can have bed bugs, so it would be wise to get your home checked. John’s Pest Control in Peachtree City can check your home for bed bugs and also treat them if you want them removed.
  • It’s common to think that everyone is affected by bed bugs, but that’s not true either. Some people are not affected by bed bugs at all, while others can have an extreme reaction. Bed bug bites can swell, turn red, and become painful. It simply depends on the person who is bitten.

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