Pet Proof Carpet in Peachtree City! Carpets vs. Pets

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Pet Proof Carpets in Peachtree City
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Date Published: July 23, 2014

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None of our beloved pets are perfect… sometimes they tinkle where they shouldn’t and nibble where they ought not.

So we’ve spent hours gathering the best information to help you prevent any permanent damage caused by your pampered pooches ‘oopsy moments’.

After you read this you owe it to yourself to visit Dianne Gammell from Dalton West in Peachtree City. Both you and your furry friend will thank us!

*They’re at 355 Georgia Hwy 74, Peachtree City. If you are heading north, they are right after the Delta Credit Union. Click here to see a map.

Upgrade Your Floors To Be Pet Friendly!

Dalton West Has Pet Friendly Floors!

Who else knows Dianne Gammell from Dalton West in Peachtree City? If you don’t, you should! Dianne works at Dalton West and helps hundreds of local homeowners each year pick out the right flooring for their home in Peachtree City.

We have picked Dianne’s genius flooring guru brain on multiple occasions. Dianne is always talking with local Peachtree City residents about their current flooring and the flooring they really want. One thing that comes up time and time again is the need to have pet friendly floors. Without further ado we are going to share with you everything we know about the pet friendly flooring options that Dalton West provides right here in Peachtree City.

Best Pet Proof Carpets in Peachtree City

First off, to avoid stains and smells Dalton West Flooring offers carpets from the top 2 global manufacturers Shaw and Mohawk, both of which are local to Georgia! Shaw and Mohawk carpets share high quality stain treatments, and have common strengths:

1. Inititial Resistance: The best stain resist carpets don’t allow liquids or solids to penetrate the carpet easily. Dalton West Flooring even offers a carpet with a lifetime warranty against soiling and pet urine stains. The liquid will literally sit on top of the carpet allowing it to be blotted or wiped clean without any residue.

2. Top to bottom protection: Shaw carpets use R2X which is a complete carpet treatment. This means the spills you only find later do much less damage. With untreated carpet the spill can actually absorb through the fibers and then continues to ‘wick’ up through the base, causing a nasty stain, even after cleaning.

3. Iron Durability: High quality stain proofing can protect your carpet for up to 20 years, even after professional cleaning! Dalton West Flooring offers Mohawk Smart strand which is the ONLY carpet that contains permanent, built-in stain and soil protection that never washes or wears off. The highest quality stain resistance carpets will also come with at least a 10-yr limited warranty on stains and soiling.

How to verify quality carpets

The best carpets will resist stains and soiling even if they are made of polyester and polypropylene which have an inherent tendency to attract soil. The Good Housekeeping Institute has appraised consumer products for over 100 years including carpets.

Why do stains re-appear even after cleaning?

When the backing or padding of carpet absorbs liquid it will wick back up through the carpet even after cleaning. Quality carpets like Shaw offer a top-to-bottom R2X treatment that doesn’t allow the backing or padding to absorb spills, thus eliminating the frustration of cleaning and re-cleaning only to find that a stain remains. So although spills may reach the base of the yarn they won’t penetrate the base with quality carpets.

How to clean a spill

For quality carpets simply clean, blot, and dry! Because the Shaw carpets are exclusively treated with R2X stains will resist absorption and allow you more time to simply clean the spill off the surface of the carpet.

Best Carpets in Peachtree City

Dalton West Flooring can help make sure you love Fido, despite any accidents, with the world’s best stain resistant carpets. In addition they offer hardwood, laminate, area rugs, vinyl, and interior design consulting. Whether you are budget conscientious, looking for an area rug for your living room, or some design tips, Dalton West Flooring provides the best.

Map To Dalton West in Peachtree City

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