Peachtree City Dog Park

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About This Park in Peachtree City

The Peachtree City dog park is a 100% user funded park in Peachtree City that is built just for dogs and their owners. The park is completely fenced in with plenty of room for dogs to run and play. We have a bunch of pictures of the Peachtree City dog park at the bottom of this page.

How To Get To The Peachtree City Dog Park

The Peachtree City dog park is really easy to get to. To help everyone out who have asked where the Peachtree City is we decided to make a quick video showing you exactly how to get there on a golf cart. The park is right behind the Peachtree City BMX track and near the Amphitheater.

How Does It Work?

Because the park is 100% user funded and receives zero money from the local government people must either be paid members or pay a $1.00 fee per visit.

Becoming a member is simple. You can either get a form at the park or pay online at Yearly membership fees are set forth on their official website.

How To Pay the $1.00 Visit Fee

1. First, always bring your dollar down to the park and pay the attendant. You must pay to enter, no exceptions.
2. If no attendant is present, then you will need to pay in the green collection box near the parking lot when you leave (see photo gallery below).
3. Failure to clean up after your dog and failure to prevent your children from destroying the park landscaping and property will result in permanent expulsion from the park.
4. Read the "Rules" signs and obey all of them.
5. All children under the age of 12 must stay within reach of a parent at all times.

Truly the dog park is a wonderful example of local Peachtree City citizens working together to create a fun place to meet the needs of dog owners and their pets.

Rules of the Dog Park

1. Dogs must display current rabies tag
2. Dogs must be off their leash when inside the park
3. Owners are responsible for any damage/injury caused by their dog
4. Limit 3 dogs per guardian
5. Clean up after your dog
6. Fill holes made by your dog
7. Short leash unruly or rough dogs and immediately exit the park

Prohibited in the Dog Park

1. Aggressive dogs
2. Dogs with contagious conditions/illnesses
3. Dogs in heat
4. Dogs under 4 months old
5. Unsupervised or running children
6. Unattended dogs
7. Spike or pinch/prong collars
8. Dog treats
9. Food or beverages
10. Smoking

Location of Peachtree City Dog Park

193 McIntosh Trail Peachtree City, GA 30269

What is Available

A fenced in area for the dogs to run around and play.
Chairs for dog owners to sit in while their dog plays in the park.
Golf cart parking.

Photos of Peachtree City Dog Park

Additional Information About The Park

Address: 193 McIntosh Trail Peachtree City, GA 30269
Open: Dawn - Dusk
Closed: Dusk - Dawn
Schedule Events: (470) 219-8066

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Park Information

Address: 193 McIntosh Trail Peachtree City, GA 30269
Open: Dawn - Dusk
Closed: Dusk - Dawn
Schedule Events: (470) 219-8066

Things To Do in This Park

Walking a Dog

So you need something to do...we know of some friendly pets that are also looking for something to do. Dogs! Do a good deed and take a dog for a walk in Peachtree City!