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Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater

The Fred Amphitheater is a concert location in Peachtree City! The Fred is an outdoor entertainment venue. The amphitheater hosts hometown favorites, national, and touring acts! They have been hosting shows for over thirty years.

Where is the Fred Located?

Summer Concert Series

Every summer, the amphitheater hosts a summer concert series. Here is a list of bands and singers that came and are coming to Peachtree City this summer!
May 17: Gladys Knight
June 21: Bruce Homsby and the Noisemakers
July 12: The Beach Boys
July 26: Michael Bolton
August 2: Arrival- The Music of Abba
September 27: Styx

What else is held at the Fred?

We do not have a list or set schedule of any upcoming events, other than the Summer Concert Series, however, there are other local events held at the amphitheater. Keep your eye on the amphitheaters schedule to see if there are any upcoming plays or concerts.


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‘Michael Bolton’ Concert in Peachtree City

Michael Bolton will be having a concert at the Fred in Peachtree City.