Why Peachtree City Businesses Do So Well: $, Loyalty, and Peaches

Author: Robert Kinghorn
Date Published: July 16, 2014
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Peachtree City is incredibly poised to succeed, and was even touted by Business Insider that it "Could Be The Next Silicon Valley." [1]

From locksmiths to music lessons, PTC is king of the castle. Here are 3 reasons why:

John Shapley of Shapley Music shows off his studio. Photo: Kinghorn

1. Chivarly is not Dead! Neither is Loyalty.

- Because of an above average income (avg household income in Peachtree City is an incredible $91,349 compared to the U.S. average of $53,046) [2] residents love to find the "Best in PTC" and support them rather than shopping for the cheapest price. Nationwide chains like Geico may have better rates, but can't beat a local auto agent's ability to personally help you when your bumper gets bent. This gives local businesses an opportunity to thrive when they don't have to compete solely on the basis of price.

The best business advice? "Do right by people." -David Stamper

Mark Robinson of Storyboard Studios, who teaches guitar, bass, and drums as well as recording music agrees: "People are going to connect with you personally [first], not your business." Volunteering and getting involved in the community creates real relationships that make people want to support your business. As the old addage goes, 'When you buy from a business, you buy into the owner.' David Stamper of Royal Locksmith gives the simplest and best business practice advice: "Do right by people." This kind of service means clients are willing to pay a little extra knowing they're supporting a local Peachtree City business that is full of integrity.

2. Peachtree City is no Las Vegas: Signs are Small, Relationships are Big.

Designed to keep Peachtree City's natural beauty, signage is required to be low profile [3] and businesses owners have to get creative to get clients.
Brian Simmons with Music Schools International said that was their biggest challenge initially, informing the community about their complete music curriculum without being able to use billboards or large banners. "Before 2010 magazines were the biggest way to communicate with parents...the last 3 years we've decided to go more digital...with kudzu.com, we're a top music education program in Fayette County, macaronikid.com... a lot of websites starting picking up in Fayette County."

From Groupon to partnering with local schools, business owners get it done: local Frank Kadkhodaian of Golf Rider, (an authorized EZGO, Bad Boy Buggie and Yamaha dealer), has donated many golf cars over the years. This is a way of helping several organizations while creating awareness for his business.

Other business owners have partnered with local band teachers: knowing a local music teacher with a degree from the nationally ranked Eastman School of Music isn't bad at all. John Shapley now teaches everything from trumpet to trombone and loves working with local band students to help sharpen their skills.

Patti Kadkhodaian with AJAKO specializes in corporate promotional items such as embroidered golf shirts and quality imprinted pens. Patti created a unique way to connect with the community: every week special needs high-schoolers come and help put together small packs of business cards that Patti personally recommends to her clients. The kids love it and her clients get quality referrals. "The whole idea is building relationships."

3. Infrastructure Galore: Peaches for the Picking

As the song goes, "Millions of peaches, peaches for free..," there are dozens of local resources to help business, plentiful as Georgia peaches! From the Fayette Chamber of Commerce to the FCDA (Fayette County Development Authority), Peachtree City has an incredible array of local resources and info. Just starting a business or thinking about it? The First Stop Business Guide [4] Secretary of State website covers getting a business license, a tax ID number, and even patents.

Already have a business? The local Chamber of Commerce offers tips like 'How to Hire Your First Employee", a member directory and even free monthly speed networking [5]. Local executives from SCORE Atlanta can help coach first time business owners, and Networking at the 19th does monthly networking at different golf courses.

Peachtree City truly is the cat's meow when it comes to doing business; great people, great services, and a great city.

- Robert Kinghorn, PTCpeople.com

Special Thanks:
Brian Simmons of Music Schools International
David Stamper of Royal Locksmith
John Shapley of Shapley Music
Mark Robinson of Storyboard Studios
Frank Kadkhodaian of Golf Rider, Inc.
Paige Muh of the Fayette Chamber of Commerce
Patti Kadkhodaian of AJAKO


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