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Oops! Did your clumsy side get the best of you? And now you’re stuck with a damaged cell phone? If this sounds similar to your situation, and you need a cell phone repair in Peachtree City, make sure that you contact the best cell phone repair business.

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Cell Phone Water Damage Repairs

If your phone has water damage, there are some things you can do to try to save it. Here is a list of things to do if your phone has been dropped in a body of water.
1. Remove the phone from the water immediately. If you dropped it in Lake McIntosh, good luck trying to find it. I have heard some miracle stories of phones being dropped in lakes then miraculously working again.
2. Lay the phone on a dry towel or paper towels
3. Take the phone apart, remove the battery, SD card and all phone accessories including the case.
4.Try not to move the phone too much. The water inside the small crevices in your phone can cause damages, so as you are drying the phone off, do your best to not shake it or move it too much.
5.Refrain from using a hair dryer as this can push the water deeper into the phone. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck excess water out of the phone.
6.Once you feel you have done as much as you can, leave the phone for 24-48 hours. You can put it in a substance with high affinity such as rice so it can absorb any excess water.

If these steps do not help with your phone, try taking it to your local cell phone repair store in Peachtree City. They have the expertise and will let you know if they can repair the phone or if you need to purchase a new phone.

Cell Phone Cracked Screen Repairs

A cracked screen does not have any preventative steps as a water damaged phone has. Many phones still work with a cracked screen, however it is wise to get the screen repaired. Touch screen phones with broken glass can be dangerous because when you use it you are putting yourself at high risk for getting shards of glass stuck in your finger. Bring your cracked phone to the cell phone repair store to get it fixed!

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