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Clay has been our agent for years, providing our home and auto insurance. We have loved working with him and truly feel that he and his team care about us and our family. They provide a very warm and comforting environment. They know us by…

Justin Badger | May 29, 2014

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Full Coverage Car Insurance Peachtree City

full coverage auto insurance Learn about what it means to say that you have full coverage car insurance. Clay Van Meter can get you covered with the auto insurance you need today!

Temporary Car Insurance Peachtree City

temporary drivers insurance If you need temporary car insurance, Clay Van Meter can help you! Learn about what situations you would need short term car insurance.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

price of car insurance peachtree city Clay Van Meter will help you find out how much car insurance will cost you. By analyzing your options, you'll better understand what the best plan for you will be!

Car Insurance For Young Drivers in Peachtree City

young drivers car insurance If you need insurance for your teenager, call Clay Van Meter today! He can help you get the right rates for young drivers insurance in Peachtree City

Business Car Insurance Peachtree City

business car insurance Do you have company vehicles that need to be insured? Call Clay Van Meter today to get your business trucks or cars covered with the proper insurance!

Local Peachtree City Insurance Agent

life insurance peachtree city
Hey guys! I’m Clay Van Meter, an Insurance Agent for State Farm in Peachtree City. I’m one of 7 insurance agents in my family, so you could say it runs in our family. I provide everything from home insurance to insurance on your golf cart! If you are thinking of getting life insurance, give me a call! It won’t take long to get you all taken care of with life insurance.

If you’re looking for life insurance in Peachtree City, Clay Van Meter is there to help you every step of the way. People get life insurance because they want to be sure that their family is taken care of in the case that the main provider of the family passes away. In most cases, a simple savings account is not enough to keep a family on their feet in the case of death, so that is why life insurance is so important. Also, if you're thinking of getting health insurance in Peachtree City, give me a call and I'd be glad to help!

Peachtree City Life Insurance Quotes

Need a quote for your life insurance? Getting a quote is easy! Simply stop by your local insurance agent (Clay Van Meter) to talk with him about your needs and expectations for life insurance. He can help you decide what policy would be best for you. If you want a quicker but broader view of a possible quote, you can use the life needs calculator provided online by State Farm.

Types of Life Insurance

Check out these different types of life insurance. In order to determine which would be best for you and your family, meet up with Clay so you can discuss your optimal life insurance plan.

Term Life Insurance
This is life insurance that only lasts for a specified term. It pays a benefit in the event of the death of the insured during a specific amount of time. You may want term life insurance if you want to get maximum coverage at an affordable price, to cover finances such as a mortgage or college, or to supplement a policy you already have.

Whole Life Insurance
This is a type of permanent life insurance. Whole life insurance includes guaranteed level premiums, death benefits, and cash value. You may get life insurance if you desire protection for life, consistent payments every year, and cash value that you can use while you’re living.

Universal Life Insurance
These policies allow the insured to set the premium and the death benefit, Because of this, people often set a permanent policy with lower premium than they would be tied to under a whole life insurance policy.