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Clay has been our agent for years, providing our home and auto insurance. We have loved working with him and truly feel that he and his team care about us and our family. They provide a very warm and comforting environment. They know us by…

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Full Coverage Car Insurance Peachtree City

full coverage auto insurance Learn about what it means to say that you have full coverage car insurance. Clay Van Meter can get you covered with the auto insurance you need today!

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

price of car insurance peachtree city Clay Van Meter will help you find out how much car insurance will cost you. By analyzing your options, you'll better understand what the best plan for you will be!

Car Insurance For Young Drivers in Peachtree City

young drivers car insurance If you need insurance for your teenager, call Clay Van Meter today! He can help you get the right rates for young drivers insurance in Peachtree City

Business Car Insurance Peachtree City

business car insurance Do you have company vehicles that need to be insured? Call Clay Van Meter today to get your business trucks or cars covered with the proper insurance!

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temporary drivers insurance
Hi! Clay Van Meter here, If you’re looking to get short term car insurance in Peachtree City, I can help you! First, I am a local insurance agent in 30269. I’ve been with State Farm since 1993 and can help you with any insurance needs you may have. So whether you’re insuring a young driver, or looking for long term life insurance, give me a call!

Short Term Car Insurance 30269

So when would you need short term car insurance? If you are only planning on driving for a certain period of time (anywhere from one day to an entire month) you could consider getting short term car insurance. Temporary insurance will usually cover you just like regular insurance does, but only for the set amount of time.

Temporary car insurance can be more costly than regular auto insurance, however, since you are only paying it for a short time, it is cheaper than paying for full coverage when you are not driving.

When Someone Else Drives Your Car in Peachtree City

Maybe you have a babysitter that drives your car regularly. Your brother in law stays with you and you give him permission to use your car. In these cases of someone regularly using your car, you should consult your insurance agent, like Clay Van Meter.

In some cases, giving verbal permission to drive your car (giving me permission to take your car to the grocery store) is enough and that person is covered with your insurance. Basically, if someone not under your policy is using your car regularly, you can talk with an insurance agent about adding them under your coverage.