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Clay has been our agent for years, providing our home and auto insurance. We have loved working with him and truly feel that he and his team care about us and our family. They provide a very warm and comforting environment. They know us by…

Justin Badger | May 29, 2014

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Full Coverage Car Insurance Peachtree City

full coverage auto insurance Learn about what it means to say that you have full coverage car insurance. Clay Van Meter can get you covered with the auto insurance you need today!

Temporary Car Insurance Peachtree City

temporary drivers insurance If you need temporary car insurance, Clay Van Meter can help you! Learn about what situations you would need short term car insurance.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

price of car insurance peachtree city Clay Van Meter will help you find out how much car insurance will cost you. By analyzing your options, you'll better understand what the best plan for you will be!

Car Insurance For Young Drivers in Peachtree City

young drivers car insurance If you need insurance for your teenager, call Clay Van Meter today! He can help you get the right rates for young drivers insurance in Peachtree City

Business Car Insurance Peachtree City

business car insurance Do you have company vehicles that need to be insured? Call Clay Van Meter today to get your business trucks or cars covered with the proper insurance!

I'm Local To Peachtree City!

Motorcycle Insurance Peachtree City
Hi, my name is Clay Van Meter and I have been with State Farm since 1993. My insurance agency is located in Peachtree City, GA.

What makes my insurance agency great is the added customer care we give to each of our policy holders. My staff is highly qualified and we are constantly focused on the needs of our customers and giving them the "Best Local Care" we can offer.

Motorcycles Covered

At State Farm our motorcycle insurance considers any motorcycle that is licensed for use on public roads. From the basic factory made motorcycle to a custom motorcycle we can help you enjoy peace of mind while enjoying the open air while riding on the open road.

Insurance Coverage Options for Motorcycles

Below is a list of the insurance options that are available under motorcycle insurance. These options are given in no specific order.

  • Bodily injury to another person or property damage that was accidentally caused by you while operating your motorcycle.
  • Person injury to your body caused by an accident with a motorist who was uninsured.
  • Damage to your motorcycle that was caused by an accident.
  • Fire, theft, vandalism and other types of losses. This is even applicable when your motorcycle is in storage during the winter months.
  • Our motorcycle insurance can even cover any customization that you have done to your motorcycle. Some come types of motorcycle customization includes paint & after market parts.
  • Another coverage option covers attached motorcycle side cars.