BMX Biking in Peachtree City

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BMX Biking in Peachtree City

Have you ever ridden a BMX bike? If not, you ought to give it a try! Did you know that we have our own free BMX bike track in Peachtree City? Regardless of your age, you should get out and try BMX Biking! When I go, we usually walk or take a golf cart ride with the entire family and a picnic lunch.

About BMX Biking

BMX is an acronym for Bicycle Motocross. This type of bike racing began in the early 1970s. Children would race their bikes on dirt tracks. In time, this activity evolved into an actual sport. The schwinn sting-ray was the bike of choice for many BMX-ers in that time because it was easy to handle and lightweight. Once the sport caught on, many other bike manufacturers began selling BMX style bikes.

Today, BMX is a popular sport especially for young boys. My nephew, who is almost 5 years old, just got his first BMX bike and helmet. Once he learned to ride a bike without training wheels, he wanted to get out on the track himself to ride with the big kids. Some of the hills and jumps scare him but he is quickly learning to ride on the BMX track! I love going out on the track and riding the bikes with my nephew and cousins. We are not professional, but we do enjoy racing around the track and comparing lap times.

BMX Bike Races

There are bike races held often at the track in Peachtree City. Racers must be registered in order to participate. There are other regulations that must be followed. For more information about BMX Racing in Peachtree City, click here!

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Places for BMX Biking in Peachtree City

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