Golfing in Peachtree City

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The City of Golf Carts, Golf Cart Paths, & Golf Courses

Peachtree City is full of golf related things. We have 100+ miles of golf cart paths, thousands of golf carts, and 3 beautiful golf courses to play golf on. I guess it really is a golfing haven for those who love to play golf. Plus the weather permits those avid golfers to play almost any day of the year.

Where Can You Golf in Peachtree City?

Maybe you are new or are visiting our beautiful Peachtree City and don't know where you can go golfing here. If that is the case, then I hope this helps direct you to the 3 courses available for golfing in Peachtree City.

1. Braelinn Golf Club
2. Flat Creek Country Club
3. Ridge Golf Club

B.T.W. - Planterra Ridge now has a beautiful new few on its golf course because of the new Lake McIntosh. Going on a golf cart ride on this course is absolutely stunning.

Canongate Golf Clubs

Canongate is a golf association that owns all three golf courses in Peachtree City. In fact, the organization owns a total of 18 golf courses in the "Atlanta" region. Canongate has been around for more than 45 years. As a private golf club they truly are unique in their industry.

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Places for Golfing in Peachtree City

Braelinn Golf Club

There are countless activities you can do at the Braelinn Country Club! Get a membership and bring the entire family for a day full of fun and lots of wonderful golf. The Braelinn golf course is one of three beautiful…

Flat Creek Country Club

The Flat Creek Country Club is somewhere you should consider getting a membership with. In this article, you'll learn more about the things available to do for you at the Country Club.