Softball in Peachtree City

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Swing Batter Batter Swing!

Whether you sign up with a league, or just put on a glove for a few hours, softball is a great past time and form of exercise you can do in Peachtree City. You can either go to a park and play catch on the grass or go to an actual field where you can pitch, hit, take grounders, and run around!

Basics of Softball

Learn How to Throw
Throwing comes easier to some than others, but if you work at it, you can get a good arm! If you're beginning to learn to throw, grab a partner and your gloves and get outside! I suggest starting throwing close together then spreading apart as your arms warm up. You'll find that accuracy is easier from closer distances, then you can work up to being accurate from longer distances over time.

Catch the Ball
Once you've learned to throw well, you can focus on catching. It may sound cliche, but keep your eye on the ball! You increase your chances of getting hit by the ball if you take your eyes off of it. Don't get too frustrated when learning to catch, it just takes practice (just like every other sport)! Be sure to keep your body in front of the ball. Many people pull their body away from the incoming ball which makes it much harder to catch.

If you're first learning to hit, I suggest taking someone to teach you and critique your swing. Begin by swinging off the tee, then move to soft toss, then front toss, and finally pitching. This slow progression will make it easier for you to hit off of a real pitcher.

Taking Grounders
Grounders are just part of the game. If you want to play softball, you need to get comfortable with taking ground balls. My advice: keep your backside low, glove down, and head up. Watch the ball all the way into your glove. In order to take grounders, you'll need someone to hit them at you. Ground ball practice works best when you have a huge bucket of softballs and you can take about 30 in a row.

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