Swimming in Peachtree City

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Do You Like To Swim?

Do people call you a fish out of water? Whether you absolutely love to swim or just enjoy it every once in a while it is a great activity when you are looking for something to do in Peachtree City. Look in the sidebar to the right for places to go swimming in Peachtree City.

We understand that not everyone loves swimming but a large majority of people do enjoy it under the right circumstances. For example, on a hot summers day there is very little that can beat cooling off by taking a swim in a lake or a pool.

When You Go Swimming Remember...

Whenever you go swimming you should always err on the side of caution. For example, if you are going swimming in Lake Peachtree, be sure to watch out for boats. It is also wise to wear something that boaters can easily see. Another good idea is to let others know where you are going to swim.

Swimming Games

Although we go swimming in Lake Peachtree most of the time we also go to swimming pools throughout the summer and love to play games in the pool. I have added two fun swimming pool games in hopes that you too will enjoy playing them.

The Toothpick Game

One of our favorite pool games is "The Toothpick Game". It is really simple to play. First, you need at least one toothpick. One person goes to the bottom of the pool with the toothpick while everyone either has their eyes closed or their backs towards the person hiding the toothpick.

As soon as the person comes up from letting the toothpick go at a random spot at the bottom of the pool everyone turns around. At this moment each player is eagerly searching for the toothpick. Once anyone sees the toothpick they jump into the pool with outstretched arms trying to snatch the toothpick. The first person to grab the toothpick gets one point and they then proceed to hide the toothpick for the next round.

Fish Out of Water

This is another fun swimming pool game. It is basically a version of tag but in a swimming pool. One person is it and they must swim around the pool in search for people but their eyes must be closed the entire time. The people the person is chasing must not be touched or else they become it. If the chaser feels someone has exited the pool, they can yell "fish out of water" and if someone is out of the water at that moment they become it.

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