Things To Do On A Rainy Day in Peachtree City

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How To Chase Those Rainy Day Blues Away

2020's been giving us A LOT of rain so far here in PTC. This has inevitably lead us to think of a couple different activities which can be enjoyed even while the sun may be hiding behind the storm clouds.

Activities To Get You Moving

An amazing little "hidden gym" (hehe, get it...) in PTC is actually a wonderful spot called Escalade Rock Climbing.

This indoor rock climbing complex has something for the entire family.

They have a wide variety of top-rope belay walls, provide climbing shoes and other in-house gear, have two separate bouldering (free climbing) areas, have an auto-belay rock wall and even a children's climbing corner for the younger ones.

This is a superb alternative for families looking to pull themselves away from their screens while having an absolute blast climbing together and likely make some new friends along the way as well.

Another great spot to help get your heart rate up is actually right next door to Escalade and that's Fitness Stadium.

This brand new gym on the Northside of Peachtree City seems to have it all.

They offer a free 2-week trial to help you get a feel for the environment without any immediate pressure to join.

They also offer a wide variety of workout options and available equipment that are well suited for any and every fitness level.

For the start of the 2020 new year, they're also currently offering a 6 Week workout boot camp program for only $75, which is a steal even if you were only to attend 1 session a week.

Ohh, and did we forget to mention that they also offer FREE Child Care? That's impressive for sure.

Ways To Take It Easy

* Visit A New Restaurant You've Never Been To.

Another great thing rainy days are good for is just some good ol' fashion comfort food.

But instead of your regular go-to grub spot, try and expand your horizons by visiting someplace you've never eaten at before.

There's a semi-new Chinese restaurant called Red Rice Bowl which has some particularly good hot-plate options to help soothe the soul on a cold, wet and dreary day.

Most notably, there's no rain so cold that's unable to be alleviated through the wonders of their Hot n' Sour soup.

* Kick Back at the PTC Library.

There's a real reflective charm to having a hot cup of coffee and curling up with a good book while listening to some chill tunes at the library though.

It seems that rain often does a great job of putting us into a meditative and reflective state of mind at times.

What better way to capitalize upon this than by reading through some of the reflections of the ancients or by exploring your inner poet closeby the cold, smooth glass of a windowpane looking out over Lake Peachtree.

* Take A Well-Deserved Nap.

Perhaps you've just finished venturing out into a cold to complete any necessary errands or to stave off cabin fever tooth and nail but have since returned, hair frazzled and socks soaked. "What now is to be done with the spare time of the day?" you may ask yourself, drowsily.

But as you stretch yourself out across the bed upon shedding your rain-soaked jacket and umbrella, you take a deep breath and slowly exhale out any pent up stress or tension that may be lingering in your body.

As you do so, you start tuning in more closely into the peaceful, soft ambiance of the rain gently tapping away on your roof and the cars outside.

You may fight the urge to drift off into a peaceful slumber at first, thinking that you've other tasks to accomplish at this point in time, which is certainly true in all likelihood.

Yet, taking the time to simply breathe and be within yourself is an equally worthy act which is all-too-often forgotten or thrown to the wayside in this hustle-n-bustle day and age.

So even if you end up taking a 1 or 2-hour long nap as the pulses of the sky's falling water sedate you into a gentle slumber, just know that this too is what rainy days are all about at times.

Refreshment, rejuvenation, and experiencing the soothing waters that have a mysterious way of cleansing the soul.

Preparations That'll Definitely Pay Off

While the pitter-patter of the rain is certainly relaxing at times and helps make the air smell fresh & clean, there are definitely certain situations that you should be aware of anytime some rain has come through.

One of them is that any remaining stagnant water around your property helps to create the most ideal living and breeding conditions for mosquitoes, which is never good.

Thankfully though, there's a new service called Nearby Mosquito Control that's soon opening its doors for this very reason: to help provide professional mosquito control & management solutions to the local Peachtree City area and beyond.

And one final aspect to keep in mind is that proper working gutters are an absolute must when it comes to enjoying a rainy day worry-free.

Clogged gutters not only contribute to creating ideal mosquito breeding conditions, as so mentioned above, but can also lead to roof leakage, mold growth and spreading, and other severe forms of water damage.

One of the best local services that we recommend to help sort out your clogged gutters is Guru Gutter Cleaning, which is a local, family-owned business that's based right here in Peachtree City.

Due to the fact that their cleaning system doesn't require any ladders or roof work whatsoever, they're able to extract and dispose of all of your gutter debris quickly and efficiently with no mess or extra fuss.

Whatever the next rainy day may bring to you, whether that's getting your heart rate up with some fun indoor exercise, trying out some new food, or patting yourself on the back after taking the proper measures to keep your home dry and secure, there's certainly no shortage of things to do here in Peachtree City in any weather condition.

So, What Are Some Of Your Favorite Family Activities To Do When It's A Rainy Day Outside?

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