Volleyball in Peachtree City

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Bump. Set. Spike.

When was the last time you played volleyball? For many, the answer is a long time ago. Why not get a bunch of people together a play volleyball? It is a lot of fun to do and nobody needs to be professionals. A volleyball game is a great activity to do here in Peachtree City.

You can either find an outdoor court or a local indoor court to play at. Either way it will be great. Minimum you will need at least 6 people to play but ideally you will have 12 - 16 people. Oh and don't forget to bring a volleyball. If you have one, make sure it is blown up and not too hard. If it is too hard, then most will be opting out after a few bumps and spikes. Everyone will thank you for bringing a ball that doesn't cause bruising.

Volleyball Tips

Here are a couple of tips if you are going to play volleyball. If you have any additional tips for volleyball players in Peachtree City, please leave them by commenting below.

1. If you are playing on an outdoor sand court, bring a towel to wipe off the ball every so often.
2. If you are playing indoors, you should bring some music or connects to speakers for your phone. A little bit of music can really make that game even more fun.
3. If you are outside or inside, water or some type of liquid is a must. Most of our games get pretty intense and staying hydrated makes it much more enjoyable.
4. Invite more people than you want. Most likely everyone you invite will not be able to make. So by inviting more people you will be more likely to have the right amount show up.

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Places for Volleyball in Peachtree City

Blue Smoke Park

Blue Smoke Park is located in Peachtree City. This public park offers fun for the family. It has tennis courts and a sand volleyball court.