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Win Free Food
Sharing and Trying Recipes

How it Works

Each week two people will win free food! There are a couple requirements that must be met in order to win. In order to win, you need to have either shared a recipe on our site or have tried and reviewed a recipe on our site. In fact, one of the winners will be someone who has shared a recipe on our site and the other will be someone who tried that person’s recipe and left a review.


Each monday we will announce what recipes or types of recipes on our site qualify for that weeks free food giveaway.


If you have a recipe on PTC People that qualifies to be chosen to win, then you need to start getting people to try your recipe & leave a review . If you don’t have a qualifying recipe on our site, you still have a chance to win.


The first way is to quickly share a recipe that qualifies and then get your recipe tried more than any other recipe. The second way to win would be to be among the group that tried the winning recipe and then be chosen as the winner from that group.


Throughout the week people will be sharing recipes, trying recipes and submitting their review so that they can win.


How do you share a recipe? First, you register for an account on our site (free of course). Next, you visit our food section and click share a recipe in the menu bar. Remember that in order to share your recipe you need pictures that you have taken.

How to share your review of a recipe you tried? You first need to be a member of the site. After that you simply click review a recipe in the menu bar. This will take you to a form where you submit your review of the recipe you tried.


We will officially announce the winners on friday nights. The process will start back over the next monday.

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