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State Farm: Clay Van Meter

262 S Peachtree Pkwy Peachtree City, GA 30269 - (678) 723-4021
2 reviews
Clay Van Meter is your local State Farm agent with a team of professionals located in Peachtree City. For all your insurance needs call Clay today. We offer home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and more.
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Auto Insurance Peachtree City

Auto Insurance Peachtree City Looking for Car Insurance in Peachtree City? Consider having Clay Van Meter with State Farm Insurance handle your auto insurance needs. He cares for you and your family's needs!

Golf Cart Insurance Peachtree City

Golf Cart Insurance Not many places in the world have a large demand for golf cart insurance, but here in Peachtree City, it is wise to get your golf cart insured! Check out how you can get this inexpensive insurance for yourself here!

GEM Insurance Peachtree City

gem insurance peachtree city GEM cars are required to have insurance in Peachtree City. If you;re looking for a company to insure your GEM low speed vehicle, call Clay Van Meter today!

Motorcycle Insurance in Peachtree City

Motorcycle Insurance Peachtree City At State Farm our motorcycle insurance considers any motorcycle that is licensed for use on public roads. From the basic factory made motorcycle to a custom motorcycle we can help you enjoy peace of mind while enjoying the open air…

Business Car Insurance Peachtree City

business car insurance Do you have company vehicles that need to be insured? Call Clay Van Meter today to get your business trucks or cars covered with the proper insurance!
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