Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt in Peachtree City

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Have a Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt today!

If you've ever been to a church youth activity or a school team bonding party, you've probably participated in a golf cart scavenger hunt. If you have never done a golf cart scavenger hunt, read this article! I'll be giving step by step instructions to put together your own golf cart scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts can take a group all around Peachtree City, from the BMX Bike Track to the Village Green Golf Course.

What You'll Need for a Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt

-Golf Carts (amount depends on how many people will be playing)
-Camera for each golf cart (smart phones work well)
-Lists of items being searched for (at least one per golf cart)
-Gathering place (could be a house or a building such as a school or church)
-People to participate!

How to Organize a Scavenger Hunt for Golf Carts

  1. Take a head count of how many people will be participating in your scavenger hunt.
  2. Contact the people who will be playing. Ask them if they will bring their golf cart! You will need to make sure you have enough golf carts to fit however many people will be playing.
  3. Create the list of things to do for the scavenger hunt! This list will have a bunch of different things that the participants have to do. In order to get credit for each thing done or found, the group must take a picture of one or more participants doing or holding the objective.

    Here is an example of a few objectives that could be on the list.

    - Shaking a stranger's hand
    - Crazy hat
    - Walking a dog
    - Swinging a baseball bat
    In order to get passed off on these objectives, the group would need a picture with of the objectives. You can make it more interesting by doing a service scavenger hunt! Here are a few examples of service objectives you could do.
    -Taking out someone's trash
    -Sweeping the front porch of someone's home
    -Helping someone carry their groceries
  4. Categorize the list of things you've put together from easiest to find to hardest to complete. Now, you can rank the objectives with point values. For example, shaking a stranger's hand could be worth 5 points while swinging a baseball bat might only be worth 1 or 2 points.
  5. Print out the lists for each golf cart
  6. Organize the participants into groups and send them on their way! Be sure that they know the rules before they leave.

    Things Each Group Needs to Remember

    -Be courteous. Even though they may be in a hurry, each group must remember to be polite and courteous to the people on the paths and others they are interacting with.
    -The objective doesn't count unless there is a picture of one or more group members doing it.
    -Give everyone a time limit and place to meet back. Set a time that everyone must meet back at a said location. Tell everyone that for every minute they are late, a point will be docked from their overall score.

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