Golf Cart Paths

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About Peachtree City's Golf Cart Paths

It only takes moments of traveling through, visiting, or just moving into Peachtree City to realize that it is a unique city. One of the first things about the city that people notice is the golf carts driving everywhere, parking at Walmart, and even taking kids to school. Peachtree City has over 90 miles of golf cart paths winding throughout it.

On a golf cart in Peachtree City everything is accessible. Peachtree City's golf cart paths lead to stores, schools, connect neighborhoods, churches, parks, and other recreation areas. We even have golf cart path tunnels and bridges to go under and over major roads.

Where are the Golf Cart Paths in Peachtree City

What Do They Bring To The Community

The miles and miles of golf cart paths in Peachtree City play a huge part of what makes Peachtree City so special to visitors and residents. Here is a brief and not quite complete list of what our paths bring to our community.

1. Multi-Purpose Recreational Avenue
a. Biking Trails
b. Running Paths (races, triathlons, ...)
c. Walking and leisurely strolls
d. A place to go on walks with a dog.
e. Golf cart rides (A favorite thing to do in Peachtree City)
f. A travel system to get from a to z

2. A an easy and inviting way for the community to get out and be together.

3. It brings the community from indoors to the outdoors which helps all of us be and feel more healthy.

4. etc...

Photos of Golf Cart Paths in Peachtree City

More Information About Peachtree City's Golf Cart Paths

Address: Everywhere
Open: 24/7
Closed: Never..unless they are being blocked or re-constructed

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  1. Bill Rutkoski on November 20, 2014 at 7:06 pm


    I’m planing a visit and would like to stay at a place that’s close to the golf cart paths. Can you help me with that? Thanks

Additional Information

Address: Everywhere
Open: 24/7
Closed: Never..unless they are being blocked or re-constructed

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