Golf Cart Rides in Peachtree City

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The City of Golf Carts

One of the things Peachtree City is so well known for is our golf carts and golf cart paths. When visitors or new residents first catch glimpses of them they are amazed and most immediately fall in love with the idea.

As a planned community, Peachtree City was designed to have golf cart paths stretch throughout the city. In fact, now there are over 100 miles of golf cart paths throughout the city boundaries. This allows for owners of golf carts to access all of Peachtree City on a golf cart. Because of this ability I decided to add golf cart rides as a "Thing To Do" in Peachtree City. I know my wife and family love them and others must too!

Golf Cart Destinations

So I imagine that everyone in Peachtree City has golf cart routes that they take over and over again. Some to go to the store, others to go to school and church, and some to simply enjoy the scenery. I wanted to share some of my favorite routes to take. After reading through them please share which ones you enjoy by commenting below.

Lake McIntosh

For years and years everyone has been waiting for Lake McIntosh to be created. The time has finally come and the lake is absolutely amazing. Not only is the lake itself amazing but so is the drive to get there. We usually go there on sundays for a relaxing golf cart ride to Lake McIntosh or if family is in from out of town we will take them down there and show them.

One thing we noticed when we first drove around at Lake McIntosh was the trail that went off from the parking lot. We thought that was neat and while down there we noticed a tree that looked as if it had been struck by lightening. Has anyone else seen that tree or know what might of happened to it?

The Loop Around The Lake

Everybody knows about Lake Peachtree and most pass by it everyday. Going around the lake on our golf cart has always been an enjoyable golf cart ride plus there are some fun stops along the way.

The first fun stop for us is at Pebblepocket Park. This park has a swing set, two slides, a big car to drive, a full-size basketball court, and tennis courts. This park has always been a favorite for our little boy.

The next stop is the all children's park next to the city hall. Although we haven't played much on the actual playground equipment we do enjoy the geese.

After the park many people might stop by Drake Field but we don't usually spend much time there. Maybe because we don't have a dog. So we pass right by there and continue on until we hit the Battery Way Park. This is the park and area where the "Sunset Club" meets. I am not sure if it is an actual club but that is what we call the people who park there to watch the sunset. On some nights that little strip of land is completely covered with golf carts, people on blankets, bikers, and runners...not to mention all the golf cart traffic passing by.

At the Battery Way Park we usually see someone we know. Here we will stop and talk before we continue our ride. From the Battery Way Park we continue on until we reach the "Witches House". You know the blue structure that helps regulate the water of the lake (I think that is what it does)? From there we usually just head home. I don't know how many times we have looped around Lake Peachtree City on our golf cart but regardless of the number we still find it enjoyable.

Share Your Golf Cart Rides

Like I did, please share your golf cart ride routes here and what you like about them. We live in a wonderful community that allows us to so easily enjoy the outdoors!

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