Huddleston Pond

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Information about Huddleston Pond

Huddleston Pond is located on Windgate Rd at Bridlepath Ln. There are many fun, entertaining, and active things to do here! If you're looking for somewhere to run, walk a dog, work out, play at the park, feed the ducks or turtles, go fishing, or have a picnic, go to Huddleston Pond! This pond in Peachtree City provides fun for all ages!

Working Out at Huddleston Pond

Pond Rules

-Fishing is allowed but only for citizens of Peachtree City
-All people fishing over the age of 15 must have a fishing license
-No swimming
-No boats allowed of any kind

More Information about Huddleston Pond

Address: Windgate Rd at Bridlepath Ln
Open: Sunrise
Closed: Sunset

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Additional Information

Address: Windgate Rd at Bridlepath Ln
Open: Sunrise
Closed: Sunset

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