Playing at a Park in Peachtree City

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Family Friendly Parks in Peachtree City

Peachtree City is full of family friendly parks. If you are looking for something to do with your family, then going to a local park is a great idea. Peachtree City does a great job at maintaining their local public parks and inviting all to use them.

The city has some small neighborhood parks and larger community parks. The larger community parks are usually located in more central locations and get visited my many Peachtree City families regardless of where they live in the city.

Things To Do at a Park

Some of the obvious things to do at parks in Peachtree City are.

1. Swing.
2. Slide down the slides.
3. Play tag.
4. Play on the monkey bars (Not all of the parks have these but some do)
5. Have a picnic at the park.
6. Play frisbee.
7. Play catch with either a baseball or a football.
8. Play in the sandbox. (Again not all the parks have these)
9. Bring some trucks and play with them in the dirt.
10. Play basketball. (Some of the bigger parks have basketball courts).

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Places for Playing at a Park in Peachtree City

Pebblepocket Park

Peachtree City must have hundreds of parks to play at and they are wonderfully maintained for all to enjoy! Pebblepocket Park in Peachtree City is one of the first and most central parks in the city. Everyday the park gets…

Village Green: Disc Golf Course

Peachtree City's Village Green Disc Golf course is located right next to the city library. The course itself was officially set up in 1999. Ever since it has been a main attraction for many in Peachtree City. The course has…

Huddleston Pond

If you're looking for somewhere to get outside, workout, play, fish, have a picnic, or walk the dog, Huddleston Pond is the place for you!

Blue Smoke Park

Blue Smoke Park is located in Peachtree City. This public park offers fun for the family. It has tennis courts and a sand volleyball court.

Lake McIntosh

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