Running in Peachtree City

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Do You Love To Run?

For some running is simply a means to an end...a thinner end and to others running is a way of life. To them it is almost as important as breathing. If you talk to an avid runner, they will tell you all the benefits and reasons why running is important and they are usually right. If you have ever thought about getting into running or want to right now, then the time to do it is now and the place is in Peachtree City.

Peachtree City has a very active running community with miles and miles of golf cart paths to run on. The city has multiple running clubs to join and various running competitions to compete in. It really is a picture perfect place and community to start running full time.

Start Running Today

So you want to start running full time but don't know where to start. Let me help you. First, are you currently in the habit of regular exercise? If yes, then this guide is perfect for you. If no, then start getting into the habit for a week or two and then come back to this guide.

First: Start Off By Running & Walking

Many people tend to run as fast as they can when they are new to running. Don't! Take it easy and work your way into running full time. One of the best ways to transition yourself into a full time runner is to split up your run with walking.

Depending on your physical abilities a good recommendation would be to do a 30 minute workout where you run/walk at a 2:1 ratio. Run for 10 minutes and then walk for 10 minutes and end the workout with another 10 minute run. As that workout becomes easier then feel free to increase your workout time or start fading out the walking part.

Second: Stay Healthy

One of the top reasons why people run is to be healthy. So let's keep it that way. By pushing yourself too hard you can start to experience shin splints, runner's knee, and or IT band syndrome. To prevent this make sure you remember step 1. If you do experience prolonged pains that persist when you run, walk, or engage in regular daily activities, don't be afraid to take a 2 - 3 day break.

Third: Proper Attire

The running community is definitely one that cares about what they wear and look like. However, remember that when it comes down to it the thing that matters the most is that your attire is helping you stay injury free, not fashion friendly.

For example, don't buy a new pair of running shoes just because they look good. That being said a good pair of running shoes, regardless of how they cosmetically look, are important. Good running shoes will prevent injury and a bad pair of running shoes will definitely promote injury. *Fact: Running shoes will generally last from 300 to 600 miles.

Fourth: Enjoy Where You Run

There is a reason why people in Peachtree City run outside. 1. Because it is beautiful. 2. Because it is healthy for you. 3. Because it gets out in the community. 4....

If you are going to take up running for good, then you might as well enjoy the scenery. On top of enjoying the scenery make sure you pick places that are safe and it is always a good idea to keep others informed of where you run and when you run. You never know when an accident may occur and help needs to know where you are.

One of my favorite places to run is around Lake Peachtree. I know I am definitely not alone in picking that route.

Fifth: Outsmart Your Mind

Runners that have been running for a long time should be applauded because although they may currently be super motivated and some may even say that they are addicted to running, running was probably hard for them at first. So, if you don't have the runner's high yet, then how about you outsmart your brain? How?

Start off by making a goal and telling a few close friends about it, that will increase your motivation. Next you can pick some of your favorite music to listen to while you run. *Remember that when running with music in your ears it can be hard to hear golf carts and bikers. So do your best to stay to the right of the path so others can pass you.

Another tip would be to pick a time that is convenient and enjoyable for you. The goal is to make the experience as positive as positive. Oh yea and another way to help boost motivation is to join a running group or go running with some close friends.

Good Luck Running!

I hope some of these basic tips will help you start or keep running the golf cart paths in Peachtree City. If you have any other running tips, please leave them below in the comment section.

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