Biking in Peachtree City

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Can You Ride a Bike?

If you said yes and you like riding bikes, then you will fit right in with many in Peachtree City. Maybe it is because of all the golf cart paths, that we have so many bikers in Peachtree City. We have casual bikers, marathon bikers, and family bikers. The truth is that with so much room to ride there is a place for every kind of biker here.

Rules For Biking in Peachtree City

So I don't think there are official biking rules here...I take that back. There probably are official golf cart path biking rules. However, these are the rules that I have picked up on. If they are way off base, please let me know by commenting below. *The order I put them in isn't necessarily the order of importance.

Rule #1

If you are riding your bike on the golf cart path and are coming up on someone with the intent to pass, then you must make it clear (vocally & audibly) to the person that you are coming up on them and are about to pass. The audible information you are communicating needs to inform the person on which side you are passing. Usually bikers will says "on your left" because that is the side everyone is supposed to pass on.

Rule #2

I am pretty sure you are not allowed to have a race on the golf cart paths. So if you are planning on doing a race, then it has to be down on the roads and on the roads you will have to have permission.

Rule #3

People who are walking or running (pedestrians) always have the right away.

Rule #4

No drinking and riding. Hopefully nobody would try this but who knows.

Rule #5

Since golf carts can't drive faster than 20 mph I am pretty sure bicycles shouldn't either.

Rule #6

Don't leave your bike unattended on the golf cart path. Okay, I am now just making up rules that I have never even thought of before.

Rule #7

In order to officially be included in biker circles you have to wear light weight tight clothing. If you don't, you are not really a biker.

Rule #8

If you are riding with someone, don't hog up the entire golf cart path. You should ride in line with each other and not side by side.

Rule #9

If you are riding your bike at night, you must have some type of light or device that makes you visible.

Rule #10

If you are riding in the street, please be courteous to cars and allow them to pass on your left.

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  1. Bob Heath on July 3, 2014 at 6:00 pm

    Don’t forget about Stinky Trail for mountain biking.
    You can get lost in there!
    Pretty cool to have that kind of riding right across from Kroger .

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