Nature Trails in Peachtree City

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Nature Trails in Peachtree City

Peachtree City is a unique place, mainly because of the golf cart paths that curve and wind throughout the woods, neighborhoods, and city. There are many places in Peachtree City where you can go walk or bike through a nature trail. In this article, I will let you know of all the places I know that make for a good walk. But, I need your help! If you have any favorite walking/hiking spots in Peachtree City, comment below and let me know!

Flat Creek Nature Area

The Flat Creek nature area is located near the McIntosh Trail recreation area. You can go out and explore to find the nature trail, or hop on the golf cart path headed to the Braelinn Shopping center through the woods and you’ll come across the Flat Creek Nature area. There are two boardwalks, each headed in different areas. In total, the boardwalks are 1,200 ft long. They go over Flat Creek and the nearby marshland. All pets must be on a leash on this trail and there are no motorized vehicles allowed.

Line Creek Nature Trail

The nature trail at Line Creek is somewhere you can bring your entire family and enjoy the day. First, there is a large flowing creek you can wade in. The water temperature is colder than the nearby lakes and ponds so you are sure to be refreshed when you dip your feet in! The nature trail is about 3 miles long and the entire preserve spreads across 70 acres of forest! This forest preserve includes edges of both Fayette and Coweta county.

At the beginning of the nature trail, there is a picnic area and gazebo next to a small fishing pond and dock. Whenever I go to this nature area, I almost always see someone fishing off the dock or hauling their kayaks to the creek. Most people kayak here after it has rained because there is more water flowing. I caution you to be careful if you’re wading, swimming, or kayaking in this creek after it rains because the rapids will be moving faster.

Go Explore a Nature Walk in PTC!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your family, friends, and dog (on a leash) and head out to a nature trail! Don’t forget your picnic basket, fishing pole, or anything else you might want for your trip! Oh, and of course, bring a camera! You won’t want to forget the great experiences and sights you had on the nature trails in Peachtree City

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