Homemade Smart Phone Speakers

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Author: Laurel Clarke
Date Published: March 11, 2014

Amplify your phone speaker today!

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I discovered this house hack and I just had to try it out! I was skeptical, but definitely not disappointed. I have a speaker that plays music from my phone, but it recently broke. I always have pandora playing from my phone when I am getting ready for the day or cleaning around the house, so now with this simple trick, the music I play can be louder!

How to Make Your Own Little Speakers

1. Take an empty toilet paper roll. Cut out a small rectangle from the roll, being careful not to crush the cardboard. Cut the rectangle small at first then make it bigger to fit whatever type of phone you have.

2. Place tacks at the bottom of the roll. This keeps your phone standing up. It may take multiple tries to get the proper positioning of the tacks.

3. Stick your phone in the roll and pump up the tunes! The music coming from your phone will be noticeably louder!

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