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A College in PTC? Swim in Lake McIntosh? $100K+ For the Future

By: Robert Kinghorn
“University of Peachtree City” (UPTC) . Is it a possibility and what would our mascot be? A golf cart? This Tuesday, July 15th, the Fayette Visioning Initiative (FVI) will hold a public meeting to present action items and goals at…

Who is the Best Cow in Peachtree City?

By: Jocey & Renae
We all love Chic-Fil-A. In fact, we all love it so much that we dress up like cows once a year just to get free food. This year we want to know is who is the “Best Cow” in Peachtree…

Rainy or Sunny? This Weekend in Peachtree City

By: Laurel Clarke
We hope you’re planning something extra fun for this weekend! “Why?” You may ask, well because it is going to be a perfect summer weekend in Peachtree City. If your weekend is still in the blueprint stages, maybe we can…

4th of July Festivities in Peachtree City

By: Jocey & Renae
Scroll down to see the events happening on July 4th in Peachtree City starting with the parade and ending with the fireworks at night. Have you visited our “Best in PTC” directory yet? We are working hard at finding the…

News Flash: Flasher in Peachtree City

By: Jocey & Renae
Be aware: a man has been exposing himself to women in the Kedron Kroger parking lot. It has been reported that this has happened multiple times at this Kroger. The police are actively looking for leads to find the man…

Plane Crash in Peachtree City This Morning

By: PTC People
This sunday morning was a normal day of golfing for local golfers at the Planterra Ridge Golf Course. That was until they witnessed a small plane bank west and suddenly stall and drop below the trees. The plane crashed into…

Summer Event Schedule Peachtree City

By: PTC People
There have been some hiccups throughout the city due to construction, new projects, and the all too well known empty Lake Peachtree. Because of these, many have wondered what is happening and what is still happening in Peachtree City this…

Dam Delays! Lake Peachtree Empty This Year & Next?

By: Jocey & Renae
We just received word today that the dam for Lake Peachtree has been reclassified as a Category 1 dam by the Environmental Protection Division (EPD). Which means that if the dam breaks people could die and property could be damaged.…

A List of The Worst Traffic Lights in Peachtree CIty

By: PTC People
We have decided to compile a list of some of the worst traffic lights here in Peachtree City. I’ve lived in Peachtree City long enough to make an entire list of avoid-at-all-possible traffic lights. Some of these lights are busy…

Finally Finished! Lake Peachtree Golf Cart Bridge

By: Jocey & Renae
For the past month I have had to drive my car to church instead of the golf cart because of the inconvenient golf cart bridge closing on Highway 54. I have also had to reroute my exercise…well, actually I didn’t…

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