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Train Hits Car in Peachtree City This Morning

By: PTC People
*Sell your stuff in Peachtree City through our Classifieds. It is free to use! Remember to subscribe to our local Peachtree City website updates. The Peachtree City police department received a call this morning (6/12/2014) regarding a train hitting a…

Mowing Lake Peachtree: Who’s Going To Do It?

By: PTC People
*Before we begin, there are pictures below & we want to put a plug in for our new Peachtree City Classifieds section. It is free to use! It is very likely that the lake is going to be empty all…

Major Golf Cart Bridge Path Closed in Peachtree City!

By: PTC People
Buy Produce Online From Us. Get It Delivered To Your Door in Peachtree City. Starting today, May 19th, the bridge golf cart path going over Lake Peachtree on HWY 54 is closed. For how long? It is going to be…

How Much Debt Does Peachtree City Have?

By: PTC People
If you live in Peachtree City, you most likely are not from here. In fact, Peachtree City sees a lot of people moving in and out of the city on a regular basis. Because of this, a lot of local…

Lake McIntosh: Ban Lifted

By: PTC People
Learn About Our Produce Delivery Services in Peachtree City! You can now swim in Lake McIntosh…well sort of. Lake McIntosh is the newest and biggest lake in Peachtree City. It has been in the works for years and many have…

Lake Peachtree Still Empty…Now What?

By: PTC People
If you haven’t noticed, Lake Peachtree is still empty. When will it be filled back up? Although the city was aiming to get it filled back up by the end of March they have come across a complication. The main…

A Busy Weekend in Peachtree City April 25 – 27

By: PTC People
There are so many different things going on this weekend that we thought we would make a news article to share them all. Here is a list of all the things you can get involved in from this friday the…

All Children’s Park – Grand Reopening This Friday

By: PTC People
Have you missed taking your little ones to the All Children’s Park in Peachtree City? If yes, then you will love that it is being reopened this friday. For the last month and a half the All Children’s Park has…

McIntosh Student Arrested For Trying To Sell Marijuana Brownies

By: PTC People
* Get Today’s Produce Basket Deal at 40% off! The Peachtree City police arrested Blake W. Kessler (18) at McIntosh High School this tuesday for trying to sell marijuana brownies. He was arrested after reports were given of him trying…

Lake Peachtree Refilling Delayed

By: PTC People
Many people have been asking when Lake Peachtree is going to be filled back up. We received this city notice this morning (4/2/2014) and it answers this exact question. “BEGIN QUOTE” The water level of Lake Peachtree in central Peachtree…

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