Mowing Lake Peachtree: Who’s Going To Do It?

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Author: PTC People
Date Published: May 23, 2014

Will Lake Peachtree Need Mowed This Summer?

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*Before we begin, there are pictures below & we want to put a plug in for our new Peachtree City Classifieds section. It is free to use!

It is very likely that the lake is going to be empty all summer long! Lowering the lake was supposed to be just for a couple months and it was just to allow for minor repairs to sea walls and docks. It has now turned into so much more. Instead of a beautiful lake we now have 100s of acres of mud, dirt, and a lot of grass. Will anyone mow the lake this year because it definitely isn't meeting city ordinances? I bet there are plenty of yard care companies who would love to get a contract to mow Lake Peachtree.

In fact, one of the best companies in Peachtree City is A Abby and they could do it. I can see it now. Lake Peachtree becomes the new "Central Park" for Peachtree City.

They could turn Flat Creek into a beautiful stream running through the park with bridges and small waterfalls. They could even add stone walkways and large stone courtyard type things. There would be fields for picnics, sporting events, a small pond for fishing. I also noticed a bunch of weeds. A Abby does weed control as well and they would make sure that there were no weeds on the "used to be" lake.

Peachtree City, call A Abby to turn Lake Peachtree into the new "Central Park" for Peachtree City if all else fails. Here is there number (770) 632-7288.

*Yes that was a plug in for A Abby. Kind of like what they did with Pepsi in World War Z except for A Abby really is a great yard care/landscaping company. (I don't like Pepsi)

Who's To Blame?

Although we are all disappointed that our beautiful lake is dried up there isn't really anybody to blame. So from what I have learned it is just an inconvenience of life that all things break down and eventually need repaired.

While the lake was lowered an inspection was made on the spillway and during the inspection some problems were found. It was discovered that water had eroded large amounts of dirt underneath the spillway. Why is that a problem? Because the dirt is the foundation to the spillway and without it there is a risk of the spillway collapsing.

If this happens, it could mean a huge loss of property and even the lives of people below the lake.

So What is Happening To Fix It?

1. A temporary solution to fix the dam has been submitted to the state.
2. That solution now has to be approved. That is where we are at right now. (as of 5/23/2014).
3. Once it is approved the Fayette County Water & Sewer Authority will fix it.
4. After it is fixed (temporarily) then the Fayette County Water Department can start filling Lake Peachtree back up.

What Happens if They Don't Approve It?

Many are pretty sure that the state will not approve the temporary fix and many are confident that they will. But what happens if they don't?

If the state doesn't approve a temporary fix, then they are going to require a long term fix be completed before the lake is filled. That means (from my best guess) that they lake will remain empty until the city or county (not sure who would pay for it) gets the money together to build a new spillway and then actually does it.

How Long Could That Take?

The golf cart bridge handrails is taking a month to rebuild. A month to tear out wood and replace it and it is costing $54,000. So this could take months and months and have a high price tag. If it isn't approved the reconstruction could even go into winter.

* The above future prophesying of what would happen if the fix isn't approved is 100% my opinion (Garret Merkley) and is my best guess. I could be right on or completely off.

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