Lake Peachtree Still Empty…Now What?

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Author: PTC People
Date Published: April 29, 2014

Quick Update on the Empty Lake

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If you haven't noticed, Lake Peachtree is still empty. When will it be filled back up? Although the city was aiming to get it filled back up by the end of March they have come across a complication. The main complication is with the spillway. Basically it has received some wear and tear and needs some tlc. More about what is going on with Lake Peachtree's Spillway here.

Here is the update on Lake Peachtree that we received from the city.

Lake Peachtree Projects

UPDATED: Spillway Repairs – The geotechnical engineering firm completed their assessment of the dam on schedule last week. Staff has developed a plan that includes the temporary repair (via a process called pressure grouting) that will allow the lake to be refilled, with the long-term goal of designing replacement spillway. The proposal has been presented to the state Safe Dams department for their review. The repairs must wait until the state approves the proposal or notifies staff if an alternate method of addressing the problems will be required.

UPDATED: Lake Peachtree Path Bridge CLOSING May 19 for 30 Days – Work is scheduled to begin May 19 on the demolition, removal, and replacement of the existing wooden railings and cart bumpers that run the length of the bridge. The project will require the bridge to be completely closed to pedestrian, bicycle, and golf cart traffic during construction. Maps indicating alternate routes have been posted.

UPDATE: Battery Way Boat Dock – The dock will be replaced at the same location with a new structure (currently being manufactured) once Lake Peachtree has been refilled.

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