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E.M.Blue Roofing is a very professional roofing company. Duane has helped us out several times. We had a gutter company clean our gutters. They walked on the tiles and broke several of them. We did not realize this until I had water pouring into my…

Sue Kizer | May 13, 2014

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soffit repair peachtree city If the soffit on your home is rotting and you need it repaired, call Duane with E.M. Blue Inc! He will provide you with high quality services and results for your home in Peachtree City.

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custom chimney cap replacement
Hey! I’m Duane, the owner of E.M. Blue Inc. in Peachtree City. If you need a roofing job done, give me a call! I provide many different services, such as custom chimney cap replacements in Peachtree City! I take pride in the chimney caps that I make because I custom build them to fit your chimney perfectly.

Also, remember that I'm your local roofer, so if you ever have a shingle roof leak or siding job that you need done, give me a call! I'll be happy to give you a free estimate on your home.

Leaky Chimney in PTC 30269

leaky chimneyThis home in Peachtree City had a leak inside the home to the left of the fireplace. I initially re did the complete flashing around the base of the chimney with new shingles. The next time it rained, it leaked again so we had to get to the top of the chimney to check it out. It was so high up, but we had to get up there because that is the only place it could be leaking from. I was horrified to see the terrible condition of the chimney cap. It was the worst I had ever seen. It was completely rusted out.

leaky chimney peachtree cityI built a new chimney cap for the home. It also needed to be framed and decked over. I put decking over the chimney because the previous cap had weakened and sunked in over the years. This caused water to pool and rust. The new plywood decking would stop this from happening again.

Installing the Custom Chimney Cap

custom chimney capAfter we pulled the spark arrestor, we pulled out the old fasteners holding on the old cap. We then framed in the hollow chimney and installed ½ inch plywood decking over the opening. Once the cap was built, we installed it and replaced the old spark arrestor. The job turned out well and the homeowner was very happy with the results!