Boating in Peachtree City

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Can You Swim?

Did you know that Peachtree City now has 3 lakes to go boating in? With the warm summer weather that Peachtree City enjoys, these lakes offer a great escape from the indoors to the enjoyable summer sun. But before you head out to buy a boat you might want to learn a little more about what you can and can't do on these lakes and other rules that apply to boaters

Peachtree City Boating Rules

Peachtree City owns all the lakes in its boundaries and as such has required all mechanically propelled boats to be registered with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. There is an exception to the rule though and it is that sailboats under 12 feet do not have to be registered. Another rule is that boaters need to follow the GA DNR requirements for operated mechanically propelled boats which means life vests and certain requirements of age for drivers.

Some other rules will be discussed based on the lake you are going to be boating on. See the lakes mentioned below.

Lake Peachtree

lake-peachtree-in-peachtree-city-gaLake Peachtree truly is a trademark of the city. In the summer it attracts boaters of all types for fun, entertainment and competition. Lake Peachtree is approximately 270 acres. Although its size isn't all that impressive it is a source of summer fun and entertainment throughout the warms months.

Unlike Lake Kedron and Lake McIntosh, Lake Peachtree allows people to swim in it.

What Kind of Boats are Allowed?

Lake Peachtree can have all types of boats but not everyone can operate a gas powered boat on this lake. In fact, only certain homes have "lake rights". These homes are those between Hip Pocket Road and the western shore of the lake. If they choose to operate a gas powered boat on the lake, they must meet the Lake Peachtree Association requirements as well have an "Association Sticker" on the side of their boat at all times.

I think that this is the only rule about the types of boats that are allowed. You can have canoes, row boats, electrical powered boats, sail boats, and even floating docks (some of the homes on the western shore have them).

Lake Kedron

Lake Kedron is a beautiful lake. It is approximately 240 acres and provides beautiful scenery to all nearby. This lake is a little different than Lake Peachtree in the fact that gasoline powered boats are not allowed on it at all. Another difference is that swimming is not permitted. As far as boating is concerned all other types of boats are allowed except for gasoline powered boats.

Lake McIntosh

Lake McIntosh is the newest of the three lakes in Peachtree City and by far the biggest. It is approximately 650 acres. The lake itself has been long anticipated. If you have not had a chance to visit the lake yet, then I recommend that you do. In fact, we often take golf cart rides here as something to do.

Lake McIntosh is like Lake Kedron when it comes to the types of boats that are allowed. Again, the lake prohibits gasoline powered boats. If you have a gasoline powered boat and you want to have it on the water, I think you can but you cannot use the motor. You will need an electric motor (I am not 100% sure about this).

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  1. cleo on February 18, 2016 at 7:20 pm

    I love fishing at lake Kedron an I want to know about fishing at lake Peachtree. To fish in my boat at Lake Peachtree I need to have a valid Georgia fish license and boat registration.

  2. Scott Zimmerman on May 6, 2015 at 10:57 am

    If power boats are not aloud on lake kedron, why does the US Fish and Wildlife have a powered boat on the lake?
    Please explain.

    Scott Zimmerman

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Lake McIntosh

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