Kayaking in Peachtree City

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Have You Ever Been Kayaking?

Kayaking is one of my many favorite things to do in Peachtree City. With so many bodies of water and the beautiful warm weather, kayaking is the perfect activity for a spring or summer day! My favorite thing about kayaking is that I can get a workout while tanning and if it gets too hot, I can jump in the water!

I enjoy kayaking because I can go out and row for a workout or I can bring my fishing poles and sit out on the water and wait for a bite. I've even seen people walk their dogs to the dock then put them on the kayak and go out on the lake.

Where to Get a Kayak in Peachtree City

I don't have a kayak here in Peachtree City, but that does not stop me from enjoying this activity. Some of my neighbors have kayaks that they let my family and I borrow on occasion. We also have friends with a few kayaks that have offered for us to use them. If you do not have a kayak, my first suggestion is to ask your friends and neighbors if they have some you could borrow! Always remember to return their property in better condition than before you used it and they will likely be glad for you to use their things again.

If you're interested in purchasing kayaks, but shy away from the idea because of the price, don't give up! There are many local thrift stores that have kayaks go through them every now and then. As spring approaches, you should check yard sales and garage sales. I'v heard you can snag some pretty great deals there.

Safety Precautions for Kayaking

Here is a list of a few precautions you should take while kayaking.

  • Wear a life jacket! Even if you are a strong swimmer, it is always wise to have a life jacket on hand.

  • Bring Water. Have you ever heard that phrase "water water everywhere but not a drop to drink"? It gets hot out on the lake and obviously the lake water is not up to drinking standards, so bring a bottle of water with you!

  • Do not go out alone! When you do go out, tell someone when you leave and give them an estimate for when they should expect you back. This is a simple safety precaution but it could prevent an emergency situation.

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