Golf Cart Registration in Peachtree City

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Date Published: April 7, 2014

Registration Details:

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Peachtree City has over 90 miles of golf cart paths throughout the city. Because of the advantages of golf carts in Peachtree City many families own a golf cart. In order to operate a golf cart in Peachtree City it must be registered with the city.

Registration is simple to do.

How To Register a Golf Cart in Peachtree City?

1. Get the necessary forms to register your golf cart online (links to the forms found below) or at the City Hall in Peachtree City and fill them out.

2. Once your necessary forms are filled out hand them in with payment at the city hall. Upon payment they will give you new golf cart decals that you should immediately place on both sides of the golf cart.

Golf Cart Registration Forms

Brand New Golf Cart Registration Forms. Residential & Business Forms

Change of Address (This form is required if you have changed the address of your old registration.)

Ownership Release (This is the required form if you are selling your golf cart and wish to remove your name and also all legal responsibilities in relation with the golf cart. This is also required if the golf cart is destroyed or the decal is destroyed.)

Golf Cart Ownership Transfer (this form is required for people who purchase a golf cart that was previously registered in Peachtree City. This comes with a $5 transfer fee. for purchasers of already registered carts - there is a $5 transfer fee)

Golf Cart Registration Fees:

Golf Cart Decal - $12.00 (valid through 2016)

Golf Cart Transfer - $5.00

If You Live Outside of Peachtree City - $60/year - If you are not a resident of Peachtree City but still wish to operate a golf cart on the Peachtree City golf cart paths you must pay this fee.

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  1. Caroline Rodriguez on January 30, 2016 at 6:33 pm

    Can change of ownership be done online?

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