Peachtree City Increases Speed Limit for Golf Carts & More

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Author: PTC People
Date Published: April 1, 2014

Ever Wanted To Go Faster On Your Golf Cart?

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facebook-image-golf-cart-speed-increasePeachtree City April Fools Day Joke! After months of debate and council Peachtree City has made an official change in the speed limit for golf carts in Peachtree City. Based on popular demand and the input from many around the city the 20 mph golf cart speed limit has been lifted and replaced with a 30 mph golf cart speed limit.

There were many factors that influenced this change. Some of the main factors are as follows.

1. The world is suffering from global warming (as was evident this winter in Peachtree City) and golf carts are our way to stop it. Because golf carts go so slow its discouraging many from using their golf carts and instead they are driving. By increasing the golf cart speed limit Peachtree City hopes to encourage more people to drive their golf carts. With this increased speed limit golf carts can travel on the golf cart paths from the Northern parts of Peachtree City to the most Southern parts in almost half the time.

2. Too many people are late to work because their golf carts can’t drive fast enough. As a result the overall productivity at the workplace has seen a dramatic decline in Peachtree City. Now that golf carts can go faster we won’t have this problem.

3. Many of the businesses that sell golf carts have seen a decline in profit. So as a way to help them the city has increased the speed limit. With the increased speed limit many golf cart owners will take their golf carts in to have them suped up to be able to meet the new 30 mph speed limit. This will mean more revenue for the golf cart businesses and more taxes for the government.

4. Last but not least driving a golf cart around Peachtree City is one of the main forms of entertainment for residents and we don’t want people to get bored of it. Now that the speed limit is 30 mph the city feels that driving a golf cart in Peachtree City will continue to be what entertains Peachtree City residents for years to come.

April Fools!

* Scroll down for more shocking things happening in Peachtree City!

Peachtree City is Changing its Colors!



Everyone is used to all the brown road signs in Peachtree City but that is about to change. Peachtree City is changing their official road sign colors. Why? Because the brown is really hard to see for people looking for addresses. The new color for Peachtree City's signs is going to be purple. What do you think?

Two 4th of July Parades are Scheduled This year

Remember how the 4th of July parade was canceled last year due to rain? Well this year Peachtree City has announced not just one but two 4th of July parades to make up for the lack of one last year.

This change was motivated by all the businesses, politicians, and organizations that have extra promotional products from last year that they must get rid of. Any and all businesses, politicians, and organizations that wish to give out promotional products, business cards, or coupons are strongly encouraged to attend both parades!

4th of july-parade-peachtree-city

Two Extra Weeks of School Have Been Scheduled


Because of the ice storm there will be an extra 2 weeks of school. We know that this will be an inconvenience to everyone but it is important that the kids learn as much as possible. Please rearrange your family's schedule to accommodate.

Tall Billboards are Now Allowed in Peachtree City

If you drive through Peachtree City, you will notice that it is very different than other cities. One of the things that makes it so different is the absence of tall billboards. Peachtree City has strict laws permitting signs that are only a certain height. Peachtree City has chosen to change these laws and allow tall billboards on all major streets. No sooner than the ban on billboards had been lifted businesses started putting up tall billboards for everyone to see.
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Lake Peachtree Will Not Be Filled Up This Summer

Everyone has been asking why Lake Peachtree is so low. Peachtree City's official reason at first was that the city and residents needed to make repairs on docks and sea walls. Just yesterday Peachtree City retracted that reason and announced the real reason they have lowered the lake.

Peachtree City wants to attract younger people to move in and or visit Peachtree City and have elected to turn the lake into a professional motocross, monster truck, and drifting course. They have officially apologized to all the home owners surrounding the used to be Lake Peachtree. They are fully aware that this will dramatically decrease their home values but Peachtree City is onboard with spreading the wealth and leveling the playing field for the rich and not so rich.

Word leaked last week and one of the locals jumped the gun.


Peachtree City Property Tax is Being Lowered

For everyone who continues to fill burdened by all the taxes and now health care taxes that are weighing down our nation, Peachtree City has decided to make a stand. The city has officially decided to cut property taxes by as much as 50% across the board. They know that this is a big change but are certain that it will also mean a growth in population, businesses, and the economy as a hole!

Peachtree City's Code Enforcement Announces a Cutback

Who hasn't received a friendly notice on their door from the Peachtree City code enforcement team? Most of us have and some of us receive them on a regular basis. This is about to change. Peachtree City is cutting back on its expenses and based on a city wide poll they have chosen to cutback on the code enforcement staff, their vehicles, and their cell phone plans. With less code enforcement agents they will not be able to respond to neighbors complaints.

This change is big for our city and it means that neighbors need to be neighborly and talk to each other. We urge neighbors to create positive relationships with one another. If an issue arises, please be adults and solve it amongst yourselves civilly.

Peachtree City is Finally Getting Its Own Movie Theater

Have you ever wondered why Peachtree City doesn't have its own movie theater? Many have but as of today there are plans to turn the Drake Field into an official movie theater. Last years screen on the green (Drake Field) proved to be a huge success. Local investors have convinced the city to allow a modern movie theater to replace what we now know as Drake Field. The new theater will keep the name and will be officially called Drake Movie Theater. The first movie scheduled to play in the new theater is Avatar 2.

Pinewood Studios Will Be Filming Avatar 2 in Peachtree City

We have all been hearing a lot about Pinewood Studios and have all speculated as to what this will mean for Peachtree City. Pinewood Studios official announcement today regarding Avatar 2 being filmed in Peachtree City answers all of our questions. Because Avatar 2 has a lot of water scenes the studios has chosen Lake McIntosh, Lake Kedron, and Lake Peachtree (which will be the location of some of the large motor/war scenes on dry ground) for Avatar 2.

The movie is scheduled to start filming sometime this year or next year.

Four Wheelers & Motorcycles Are Now Allowed on The Golf Cart Paths

In an effort to lower the cost of golf carts in Peachtree City there is a new change regarding the type of vehicles allowed on the golf cart paths. Peachtree City residents will now be allowed to drive motorcycles, four wheelers, and other smaller gas powered transportation on the golf cart paths.

The city feels that this will lower the cost of golf carts and give people more options. Not everyone can afford a golf cart and it is unjust to give the golf cart industry such an advantage above four wheelers, motorcycles, and scooters.

Gas Powered Boat Permits Are Being Sold For Lake McIntosh

Have you ever thought that it was unfair that some are allowed to put gas powered boats on Lake Peachtree? Well now is the time to make it fair. Peachtree City will be auctioning off gas powered boat permits for Lake McIntosh. There will be approximately 200 permits in the auction and it will be open to Peachtree City residents only. The permits are estimated to auction for $300,000 a piece. The money from the auction will go to cover the fines/taxes that will be given to all those who didn't sign up for Obamacare yesterday.

April Fools!

If you haven't caught on yet, this was an april fool's joke! Did you get least a little bit? Try to april fools others in Peachtree City by sharing this ridiculous news about Peachtree City with them by email, facebook, text...

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