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E.M.Blue Roofing is a very professional roofing company. Duane has helped us out several times. We had a gutter company clean our gutters. They walked on the tiles and broke several of them. We did not realize this until I had water pouring into my…

Sue Kizer | May 13, 2014

E.M. Blue Roofing Services

Sagging Roof Repair Peachtree City

sagging roof peachtree city Sagging roofs not only look bad, but they also can cause moisture to enter your home. If your roof is sagging, call Duane with E.M. Blue. He can fix it! See how he repaired a sagging roof in this article.

Exhaust Fan Installation Peachtree City

roof exhaust fan ptc E.M. Blue recently had a customer with a new stove. They needed the exhaust fan installed in their roof. Check out the method of installation that E.M. Blue did to install this.

Custom Chimney Cap Replacement Peachtree City

custom chimney cap replacement E.M. Blue builds custom chimney caps for their clients with chimney leaks. If your chimney is giving you problems, call E.M. Blue today so they can come out and help you!

Fascia Repair Peachtree City

fascia repair Peachtree City Check out this fascia repair that E.M. Blue has recently done in Peachtree City. If you need your fascia repaired, give them a call!

Soffit Repair Peachtree City

soffit repair peachtree city If the soffit on your home is rotting and you need it repaired, call Duane with E.M. Blue Inc! He will provide you with high quality services and results for your home in Peachtree City.

Roofing Services in Peachtree City

My name is Duane Clarke and E.M. Blue Roofing is my company. My roofing company is owner operated and has been since 1995. I am located in Peachtree City and work on all types of roofs. Truly no job is too small.

Since 1995 I have been focused on providing the highest quality of roofing services. We primarily service Peachtree City residents and businesses in the area with all their roofing needs. We specialize in shingle roofs because that is what our clients are most in need of. However, we are experienced in many different types of roofs.

We service shingle roofs, tile roofs, slate roofs, wood roofs, flat roofs, metal roofs and more. Call us today for a new roof, a roof repair, or a roofing consultation.

We are owner operated and we care about each customer we work with. As your fellow Peachtree City neighbor we invite you to use our Peachtree City roofing services.

Why Choose Our Peachtree City Roofing Company?

There are a lot of reasons to go with our company for your roofing needs. We are going to list just a few here.

1. We are located in Peachtree City and have been roofing in Peachtree City since 1995.
2. We are owner operated.
3. We do not cut corners but provide the best quality of repairs and re-roofs possible.
4. We guarantee our work.
5. We are experienced with doing all types of roofs.

How To Use Our Services

We want to first thank you for searching us out on We would love to help you with your roofing needs.

The easiest way to request our roofing services in Peachtree City is to call Duane at 678-369-7733. Duane will set up an appointment to come out to your home or business to get an accurate estimate of what our services will cost you. (If by chance you reach our voice mail, please leave a message. We listen to and return voice mails. )

The time table related to our initial visit and a final estimate for the roofing services you need depends on the job. Sometimes we are able to give a final estimate at our initial meeting and other times we have to spend more time calculating costs, dimensions, labor, and so forth.

After you have received the estimate we will wait for your decision. Once we get the go ahead from you we will begin working on your roof as soon as possible. The time frame to complete a roof or do a repair depends on many different factors but we will be able to give you an accurate time frame before the project is started.