How Many Golf Carts Does Your Shingle Roof Weigh?

Special Thanks To: E.M. Blue Roofing
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Author: Laurel Clarke
Date Published: April 4, 2014

About This Roofing Trivia

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This article is a trivia article provided by our best in ptc businesses. “Best in PTC” is our business directory made up of the best businesses in Peachtree City. In order for a local business to be listed in our directory they have to first be approved by a local membership committee.

The “Best in PTC” business we teamed up with to provide you with this trivia article was E.M. Blue Inc, a roofing company here in Peachtree City. They helped us collect these statistics on the roofs in Peachtree City. We think you’ll be intrigued to find out how heavy the roof over your head is in golf carts. As we give you these statistics, keep in mind that these are based on an average 40 square roof. Also, we are basing our calculations on the fact that there are 12,425 homes in Peachtree City.

First, I’ll tell you about the installation process of a shingle roof. Most full roof installations are done by a crew of about 6-8 guys. It takes, on average, 12 hours of labor to completely put on a roof. This means that all the roofs in Peachtree City took 149,100 hours to put on! To put that in perspective, it would take a full crew of guys 6,212.5 days or 17 years without rest to install all the roofs in Peachtree City.

Your Shingles Weigh What in Golf Carts?

We did some calculations to determine the total weight of one shingle roof. These calculations are based on 30 year architectural shingles because this is what most homes use now. We determined that the average home in Peachtree City has 9,600 lbs of shingles on their home! That is the equivalent of 16 golf carts sitting up on top of your roof!

We took that weight measurement and multiplied it by how many homes are in Peachtree City. Would you believe us if we told you that there are 119,280,000 lbs of shingles on all the homes in Peachtree City which is equivalent to 198,800 golf carts?

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