Peachtree City Energy Bills Won’t Stop Rising. Find Out Why!

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Author: Laurel Clarke
Date Published: April 14, 2014

Info & Tips From The Professionals!

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We would like to thank Ferguson Heating and Air and PowerWorks Electric, who are both part of our “Best in PTC” business directory, for providing us the information for this article.

What's Increasing: Price or Consumption?

Yes, that’s right! Energy bills in Peachtree City and throughout the rest of the United States have drastically increased over the past few years. Since 2003, electricity prices have increased from an average of 8 cents per kWH to about 12 cents per kWH. The increase in price would be explained by an increase in consumption, however, the average consumption has stayed steady at about 12,000 million kWH. This means that the price of electricity and energy is increasing steadily. The average home uses about 1,098 kWH per month which makes the average bill about $122.73. How does your electricity bill measure up to the average? If you feel like you could be paying less, check out our tips on how to lower your electricity bill!

8 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bills

  1. Raise the temperature of your home in summer while people are at work and school. Energy Companies recommend that you don’t raise it above 78 degrees because then it takes a considerable amount of energy to dispel the heat and humidity.
  2. Replacing the filters of your air conditioner. There are many factors which play into how often you should replace your filter. Some filters are 30 day filters while others are 90 day ones. The environment also factors into how often you should replace your filters.
  3. Here is a tip you probably never thought about: direct grass clippings away from the outdoor AC unit. The vents on the side of your air conditioning unit need to be kept clear, so when you mow your lawn, make sure the clippings are being blown away from your air conditioning unit. We spoke with Ferguson Heating and Air and they said that this happens quite a lot because people do not realize what they should be doing.
  4. Have a Blower-door test done on your home. This test tells you how much air leaks in and out of your house through windows, switches, doors, receptacles, and attic enclosures. You can figure out how much energy you’re actually losing. Once you have this information, you can hire a professional to do air sealing. It is important that you check again for airflow after the air sealing has been done because you do not want your house so tight that it becomes toxic inside.
  5. A great way to conserve energy in your home is to consider air sealing. Homeowners can do their own air sealing by caulking receptacles and switches. You can use receptacle covers with foam to seal off air from entering through the receptacle. In the winter this prevents heat from escaping the home, and in the summertime it prevents heat from entering the home.
  6. Change out your incandescent lights (which were developed by Thomas Edison) to the latest LED lights! John Donaldson from PowerWorks Electric is constantly helping people with replacing their old lights with new energy efficient LED lights. Call him ( 770-689-9620 ) for a lighting consultation in Peachtree City. The LED lights use 80% less electricity when compared to the current incandescent lightbulb.
  7. Never leave the refrigerator open. Even when you are simply pouring milk into your bowl of cereal, close the fridge! The loss of cool air in the fridge takes a lot of energy to replace.
  8. Turn off the lights in every room once you leave! This is a simple tip, but so many people have the habit of leaving lights on. Most homes have the light switches next to the door way, so make it a habit to flip the switch once you leave the room.

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